which quade core xeon processor would you pick

im sure a few of you out there are confused about the different model numbers ..im making a rug for computer animation.. need something very good for rendering

here are a few im looking at (Im buying 2 processors)

at the moment i have a skull trail board in the post and have already received 8 GB of crucial ECC FBDIMM 800 Mhz RAM

now would you rather get

Intel Xeon E5472 Harpertown Core, 3.00GHz, FSB 1600MHz, 12MB Cache, OEM----£559.35 Inc VAT


Intel Xeon X5460 Socket 771 x 4, Harpertown Core, 3.16GHz, FSB 1333MHz, 12MBCache, Retail---£764.17 Inc VAT

now the 3. 16 xeon has a 1333 FSB
while the 3 Ghz xeon has a 1600 FSB

also compare

Intel Xeon X5450A Quad Core 771, Harpertown Core, 3GHz, FSB 1333MHz, 12MBCache, Retail--£559.10 Inc VAT


Intel Xeon E5462 Harpertown Core, 2.80GHz, FSB 1600MHz, 12MB Cache, OEM--£508.27 Inc VAT

now the 3. 1Ghz xeon has a 1333 FSB
while the 2.8 Ghz xeon has a 1600 FSB

how much influnce does the FSB have.. bear in mind my motherboards max FSB is 1600 Mhz and i have ddr 2 6700 RAM.. which processor would perform better considering the slower ones have a faster FSB..

pls compare both pairs and then decided which one you would take overall

also -- if there are any performace difference is the extra cost worth it

im also considering

Intel Xeon E5440A Quad Core, Sok 771, Harpertown Core, 2.83GHz, FSB 1333MHz, 12MB Cache, Retail---£469.81 Inc VAT

(Compare this to your final choice )

thanks for any advice that can be given
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  1. Lower fsb and higher multiplier is better. This puts less stress on the motherboard and ram, allowing you to overclock it more. Pick a model with 1333mhz stock fsb instead of 1600mhz. FSB (calculate in sigle channel) x multiplier = cpu clock rate. They're in inverse ratio.
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