NEW BUILD: Seeking your expert opinions!

Hello everyone! About a month ago I started this thread in the Video Cards section:
I originally wanted a video card upgrade, but was informed by multiple people that it would be better to build a whole new PC.

I'd like to know if it would be more economically feasible to wait ~3 months to purchase the PC or to just build and use it now. Like will the new products coming out reduce the prices of my hardware pieces considerably?

For those who don't want to read the thread from the Video Card section, here's a summary of what was recommended.

Case+PSU: Antec NSK4480 and 380W ATX12V

MOBO: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L

CPU: Intel C2D E2160

RAM: Corsair 2x1GB, 800Mhz ones were suggested - could anyone help me more on choosing?

Video Card: Heard good things about the XFX 8600GT XXX Edition in my old thread.

Hard-Drive: Originally I didn't need one because I was going to transfer one over from an old PC, but that HD just died, so I'll need a new one. I was surviving with 40GB so I won't need anything too extreme.

CD/DVD: Probably transferring over, but if not I'll find some for cheap.

I'm welcoming any additional suggestions before I finalize the build and purchase the parts (or I'm willing to wait if the savings in a couple months will be good).

Thank you for your help! :)
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  1. I should probably also mention that my budget is $400-$500 canadian dollars.

  2. Hmm just realized that I probably wasn't clear enough.

    I'd like to know if:
    1.) The hardware pieces listed in my 1st post are the best for a $500 budget. What RAM should I get? (I think I only need 2GB).

    2.) It's better to wait 3 months to purchase the parts - any foreseeable big price drops?

    Thank you
  3. 1.) The hardware parts are a good choice.
    If you want a great improvement you'd had to go for a say CPU E7200 ($135 american).
    A better choice might be an aftermarket cooler like the XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 so you can overclock and a better graphics card if you can get it into your budget :
    Galaxy 9600GT $126 after MIR for

    XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 for $36

    For RAM the 2GB kit you picked is excellent. I would however recommend you take a 2x2GB.
    Since it's probably not within your budget you can save about $17 and go with this:
    You won't have to overclock it (ever) with the processor you picked.

    2.) In general price dorps all the time. In 3 months you might notice a difference (but you'll wait 3 months).
  4. Thank you for the reply Andrius,

    I've heard very good things about the E2160 and its overclocking ability - so I'll probably try to find an aftermarket cooler to help with overclocking.

    Also have you ever done MIR's? I've read and heard that it's near impossible to receive money back from them.

    I'll maybe build the system this weekend if I can get more feedback from here before then.

    Thank you!
  5. I've never done MIR.
    It would cost more to send them the "MIR request form" (from where I live) than it's worth.

    Small country steep prices. I've ordered a 4x20 character LCD for an electronics project in highschool from the UK once. Endprice was 2.5x their etail price (LOL). Shipping costs over product cost. Never again.

    PS: Don't forget to put on an ESD bracelet when you build.
  6. I live in Canada also and have just built a computer about a month ago.
    I sent in 3 MIR's and have just received e-mails from the respective companies that I should get the money in June sometime. So basically you get your money but it takes a long time.

    Also, I highly recommend I found prices cheaper than tigerdirect and everything else, and if you order more than 300$ of parts its free shipping.
    P.S. I even got my 8800gt cheaper than any of the ones listed on newegg :p
  7. Well I live in Europe. Everything here costs the newegg USD value in EUR. I'm happy I got my 9600GT with passive cooling for 155EUR. If we put that in USD it gets silly ($240). The wait for cash is not all that hard. I've been working for a company for about 4 years. I get paid around 90days after I deliver the "product" (application specific software and hardware designs).
    You get used to it with time.
  8. Ok Thanks

    Does anyone have any suggestions for RAM?
    Anyone have any better suggestions for hardware?
  9. I just spoke to a friend of mine and he said that it's better to spend an additional $20 on the E2200 for an increase of 400Mhz. How far can the e2160 be OC'd and still be stable with only a stock heatsink and fan?
  10. Listen to advice mate, because were not just talking out of our asses lol. :P

    The E7300 processor is coming out soon probably this month, anyways, it has a 10x multiplier that will take the processor to 4GHz just with standard PC2-800 ram. I recommend you pospone the build until that gets released because it will be one hell of a budget processor, if you cannot wait though, get the E7200. It's much better than Any E2xxx series processor. It commonly overclocks to 4GHz from 2.5 and it's 45nm so it naturally runs cooler.

    If they are slightly out of your budget, try cut corners somewhere or increase your budget. :P

    And do not get the 8600... Aim for an 8800GS or above, because in comparison.. well.. theres no comparison tbh.

  11. @Maximus : With a good cooler the 2160 can get to say 9x300MHz = 2.7 (without much tinkering). The 2200 would be at 11x300MHz = 3.3GHz (probably stable). Then the tinkering begins (if you got lucky (a good chip) it's likely going to be an even deal). For OC beginners the E2200 would be better. The final decission is however up to you.

    The E7x00 family of chips is great but I don't think you want to know the Canadian price for it.
  12. Thanks guys - my friend (who seems very knowledgeable) also said that there is a difference between "Dual Core" and "Core 2 Duo". He said that "Core 2 Duo" processors better utilize the 2 core technology than the "Dual Core" processors. Is there truth to this?

    Also I'd like to know if this RAM will suffice

    I might also go for this XFX 8800GS if it's that much better than the XFX 8600GT XXX edition. There is a $40 price difference between the two.
  13. Well It works like this.

    Pentium D < Pentium Dual Core < Core 2 Duo

    In reality the Core 2 Duo and Pentium Dual Core are very similar as they are both based on the Core 2 Architecture. Whereas Pentium D and more previous processors are based on the Netburst Architecture which is highly inferior.
  14. Ok thanks for the clarification Maroc,

    So there isn't much difference between Dual Core and Core 2 Duo to warrant purchasing a Core 2 Duo over a Dual Core?
  15. Well It depends on what you plan on using the rig for. If you're mainly gaming, then yes, once overclocked to around the 3GHz mark, It will compete with the mid/high end Core 2 Duos for a fraction of the price.
  16. Nah, only going to be gaming occasionally and not too worried about having all details on VERY HIGH. I'm just trying to get the best 'bang-for-the-buck' like everyone else :P. On that note Maroc, it seems like you think the 8800GS would be superior to the 8600GT XXX, am I right about this? and is it worth the extra $40 to get the 8800GS?
  17. Yes, definitely.
  18. Oh I also forgot to mention bottlenecking. Will a e2160 processor bottleneck a 8800GS? Will overclocking the CPU reduce the bottleneck if there is one?

  19. Andrius said:

    2.) In general price dorps all the time. In 3 months you might notice a difference (but you'll wait 3 months).

    But there should be a decent drop in graphics card prices in about 21 days... something major is happening that I can never remember... ATI/AMD 4870 release date I think
  20. ^True.
    HD4870 is due out by the end of the month. I don't know if it will cause massive pricedrops as it's a top end card. It might push down the price of the 9800GTX, 8800GTS, 8800GT, HD 3870, HD 3850... It migh also be priced at $400 and at that point it probably won't change anything in the lower segments.
  21. Okay I'd like to go for a XFX 8800GT XXX Edition bundled w/ CoD4 for $160 with rebate - problem is I won't be able to get to the retail store and I currently can't pay by credit card :(. Missing out on such a sweet deal T_T I can easily purchase from CanadaComputers but they don't have a good deal like this. Their cheapest 8800gt is $235...

    Can anyone please tell me if I should purchase this RAM?
  22. If I bought an XFX 8800GT XXX edition, would I be bottlenecked by my Intel e2160 processor? It also says it needs "450W PCI Express-compliant system power supply with a combined 12V current rating of 30A or more." so I guess my Antec Earthwatts 380W power supply wouldn't suffice anyways...? Or does the manufacturer always recommend more than needed?
  23. Sorry to early bump, but I'd really like to know ASAP - I'm building this system tomorrow and need to know if a 380W earthwatts PSU will suffice w/ a BFG 8800GT 512mb.

    Thank you
  24. It should but it's close to the limit (overclocking might be limited). 8800GT is a 110W card.
    The recommended value is to provide a reasonable margin for the rest of the system.
    If you want to make sure try the eXtreme PSU calculator online.
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