ddr3 o/c question

hi guys i'm new here and have a question that has been bugging me for a few days.

i am about to take delivery of a new system containing

E8500 CPU

eVGA 132-CK-NF79-A1 M/Board - nForce 790i Ultra SLI,

2 ! Corsair TW3X2G2000C9DFNV 2GB (2x XMS3 1GB) PC-16000 (2000MHz) EPP2.0 DDR3 RAM KITS

now my idea is to run the ram at 500mhz (2000 Quad pumped as per specs of the ram)

and i want to clock my cpu to 4.0ghz

if i set the ram to 500 it will equal a cpu speed of 4.75ghz which i think will be to much for my cpu on air cooling to handle (im using the noctua NH-U12P with an extra faan in a push-pull senario in heavily modified antec twelve-hundred and DA1200 silverstone PSU)

so i was thinking of dialing back the cpu multiplyer to 8 (from factory 9.5) would this work and more importantly (8x500=4000)

what ratio would this run at i was hoping for 1:1 but from what i have heard its ok to have the ram run higher than the rest of the system

what are your thoughts on this or what speed DDR3 RAM would give me those sort of result (i want to stick to corsair or patriot if i can)

or any other ideas to acheive this clock and do you think the noctua is up to the task for a gaming system
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  1. Ok, so first off, the ram to chipset interface is dual pumped, not quad pumped. The fsb is quad pumped.
    An fsb of 500mhz would result in a ram speed of 1ghz, so unless you want to drastically underclock your ram, which would be pointless, you should just run it at a 2:1 ratio.

    Keep in mind that both higher speed ram, and reducing multiplyer and increasing fsb will produce a minimal performance increase, like 2-3%. It would be just as efficient for you to get a 780i and ddr2 1066.
  2. ok, thank your for your reply

    so what ram would you suggest i get to acheive a 1:1 ratio (i have to get corsair/patriot) i dont wanna get rid of my motherboard as doing this i would have to RA the whole order wait 2 weeks and pay a restock fee the ram i can live with i can always sell it to a friend
    also does the 780i support quad SLI???

    as i want to get the E8500 to 4.0ghz

    thanks for your advice
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