Mars500 Good Study? Or 6 Really Bored Dudes?

So are we going to learn anything new from this and vastly expand our knowledge of how the human psyche behaves in the vastness of space? Or have we just forced 6 people to play spaceman for 1 1/2 years?
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  1. I saw a news story on this some weeks back. Very interesting stuff to say the least. I think it is a good idea, as eventually (however long that may be), we'll be sending people to Mars, which obviously is the longest space flight that humans will have ever taken. It's better to know now how we'll react psychologically than just winging it when we actually do go.
  2. wingy should be in charge of the study .. just to be sure.

    We could put Strangestranger in as a "control" ...

    They made it all the way downstairs to the Red Planet. :)
    Now begins the long journey home....Their supercomputer may or may not have killed several members of the team when they were Cryo-sleeping.
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