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hey everyone i started to make a website about computers i dont have much on it yet but can you guys just check it out and let me know what you guys think. Just so i know if im headed in the right direction.


what i would like to do is make the site different from all the other computer sites but i dont know how yet. I want it to be unique and stand out. Some thing new that other pc websites dont offer. Sorry if i posted it in the wrong section but in the future i do want to own a business whether its a website or some kind of a store or what not. All your opinions will be appreciated thanks.
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  1. Clean , precise, to-the-point. I like it, considering the crappy one I do in web design at school.

    Creat tutorial videos of your own and put them on your site.

    How about your first one will be how to assemble a basic computer.
  2. i can't make a comment. Please fix the html command so I can comment.

    Who knows, you may have created the next Toms Hardware Guide!
  3. k thanks for looking will try to fix the comment and haha you already on to me. my next post was going to be how to put a computer together but maybe il make a video like you say.
  4. hmm i just tried it and it works, maybe try using a different web browser i really dont know why its not working for you but if you do post one i have to approve it in order for it to show up
  5. Funny thing: I am doing a site similar to yours for my Midterm project in web design. it is not an exact copy, but the idea is the same.
  6. Also, try to categorize. I noticed your pages are only one and two. if you do stuff like Beginners posts and Gamers posts and Server Posts, you could organize it better.

    If I may, i would like to be your first contributor to your site. Be part of the Administration on the THG side.
  7. yes you may make an account on and let me get the email you used and ill add you as a contributer :)

    and the categorizes your talking about well this is like a blog site so all the news and new stuff i post is on the home page while the categories are on the side and i only have one which is the beginners guide. But i can make a separate pages so such as it has home , about and i could create gamers and other pages thanks for brining that up might have to try that
  8. i just tried it and im not no pro at this but i dont think you can do that i can make a page called newbie but i cant post in it all i can do is just write like a description or whatever i want but i cant make posts that will be updated in the newbie page as the posts go under different categories and the latest posts gets displayed on the home page so people can read whats new.
  9. Sounds good. Also, see if you can put the video on your site. Ask wordpres if you could. it may take up too much of their servers.

    Also, how do I become a contributor?
  10. Just sign up for wordpress and the email you use tell me what it is and ill add you, you should then get an email about it. And for the videos i was thinking if i cant do it straight on the site il put up a link and it will be on youtube.
  11. lol but actually talking about it you can put up vids lol i started making this other site

    lol this was just something i could mess around with
  12. I just signed in. My account is dogman1234.
  13. i need the user email which is your email you used to sign up thats the only thing i need to add u
  14. do you have skype or anything that we can chat
  15. No sorry. We could chat via gmail chat services.
  16. Okay. So how can I contribute to the website. Should there be something likew acontributors page where it lists:

    Contributors user name
    list of info shared

    This is just me. Don't do it if you don't want to.
  17. so you want to make a page about our info right ?

    and contribute with anything like info, and posts bout computers, whats new, Gamers, game strategies, Review products, like best places to buy from for computers, maybe a page to share your own rig, some software use, anything whatever you do il see it first and then i can approve it if i like it :)
  18. Yeah, that's it.

    How do I do this?
  19. lol u gotta play around with it man u have all your options on the side if u want to post something you click on the post tab and write, then u categories you can make as well, if you just want to make the page about us the just add it on the about page, go to pages on the side menu
  20. Trying to figure it out. I don't see where I can post in the about section of the site.

    Also, how is that video going?
  21. i didint start yet on the video ima write a brief explanation about how to do it or maybe il make short vids and write under them so if people dont understand they can read it. But for the about section you cant post, you have to go to the page it self and just type it in there, so all the stuff i wrote there just write it under that.
  22. May I have the link to the about page?
  23. i dont think its gona work but here

    basically on the whole menu to the left click on pages and then about and edit it
  24. hey download skype if you can that way we can chat it be alot easier then on here.
  25. Can you do it on gmail? I do not have capabilities on this computer.
  26. huntsman said:
    i dont think its gona work but here

    basically on the whole menu to the left click on pages and then about and edit it

    It seems I have no jurisdiction of editing the site.
  27. hmm thats weird did you click on the link or tried going through the menu i did this before with a friend and it works so i really dont know what problem your having.
  28. I get a message"

    'You are not allowed to edit this item."
  29. TBH: I think wordpress has you limited on what you can do.

    They leave you unorganized and give you no room to expand. i would try to learn some HTML myself and purchase a server, contact ans ISP, and have your website hosted on your very own server.
  30. yeah i do that later on tho not now once i get everything set up ima purchase my own domain from wordpress or something idk yet and i dont know html so thats another thing i would have to learn, and yes as its free it has its limits
  31. Well i played around with it and i made it very nice check it out and let me know what you think
  32. Ha, better.

    More professional to in the IT world. The last setup looked like a flower shop site.
  33. Now, will try to see what I can input. I will also see if I can input a contributors page. Hopefully, someone form anandtech or somewhere else will come to be a contributor.
  34. yes hopefully i should post this on their forums as well, theres only one thing that annoys me and its when you move your mouse of the main tabs on the top like over beginners guide and reviews and a title attribute pops up, that gets in the way and it pisses me off lol. Theres no option to remove it i searched about it and theres some codes people provided but i dont know where to enter them in.
  35. Check out the site. I have tried to submit something.
  36. Good post i like it, check it out its up on the site. Man i really got to find out how to take off that title attribute that pops up when hovering over the bars.
  37. You're on Google.

    I will monitor you site.
  38. wow didint even know crazy lol lets keep this updated i just got my motivation
  39. How is the site going so far. Is the video ready to post?
  40. i just wrote about it and took pictures, i decided ima make a video of another pc when i build it as this one is out dated. Some time soon ima be building a pc for a friend so ima record that and make a video tutorial about it as all the parts will be up to date. but yeah check it out and read some of the steps on how to assemble the pc
  41. hey good post about overclocking. Gives the basic idea of what it is. Ima put it under beginners guide under the basics. Thanks for contributing i appreciate it.
  42. hey i changed the theme once again because this one fits the whole page instead of just being a small part in the middle of the page. I like this one better but i have to play around with everything now in order to set it up right so its going to take some time.
  43. Okay.

    BTW, I saw the traffic. When I posted the Overclock guide, the site surged to 180 visits today. It is possibly higher now. Also, check out Google. Type in your website in the search bar.
  44. yeah its 180
  45. I have just posted another thread. I wish for it to be in the review section...not in the Beginners Section.
  46. are you reviewing something or is it basic info about a topic actually hold on i will read it and let you know
  47. Okay.
  48. yeah i guess it can be in the review sections as you are re informing them about the hard drives just with more detail. unless you want to make a new category for it? what you think
  49. Well let us see;

    Information: is not a review over a specific object, it is not a beginners guide help to building. I guess, if you wanted, create an"Information page. transfer the Overclocking over there with the HDD/SSD thread over to the new page.
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