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I just installed Windows 8 on a second partition the other day, and it is amazing. However, I can not find out how to access the Advanced Boot Options. I have searched all over the intrawebs and the only thing I found was that multiple people using the Developer Preview could access it by pressing shift + f8, but apparently this does not work in the Consumer Preview, as I have tried multiple times. If someone could inform me how to access it, that would be great, but I don't want an alternate ways to get to safe mode or anything similar. The main reason I'm interested in the Advanced Boot Options is because I am taking an A+ Certification course and it's one of the main things we are studying right now.

P.S. If for some reason this option is only available in the Developer Preview, can someone tell me what the other differences between the two versions are?
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    I finally figured it out this morning while rummaging through Windows 8. Unfortunately, you can not access the Windows 8 Advanced Boot Options through any hotkey, rather you have to go through tons of menus when you first boot up. Please note, that I tested this on a dual boot machine and do not currently know how you can access the same menu on a single boot PC.
    1) When the OS selection screen appears, click Change defaults or chose other options.
    2) Click Choose other options.
    3) Click Troubleshoot.
    4) Click Advanced Options.
    5) Click Windows startup settings.
    6) Now, click restart, and when the computer boots up, you will see the Windows 8 Advanced Boot Options.
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