N1 Wireless: Problems With Port Forwarding

Hey guys, been having some problems setting up port-forwarding on my Belkin N1 Wireless router (model F5D8232-4). Seems this router is a bit unfriendly when it comes to managing online gaming traffic, but a friend told me to look for instructions on how to do port-forwarding; this will apparently help the router work better with games.

Sorry for the noobish question, but what does port forwarding do? And how can I implement it for the N1? Appreciate any help!
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  1. Port forwarding is basically "forcing" a particular port on your router to remain open, so that data can be sent or received through it with no problems. You usually activate it through the router's web interface (probably accessible by typing in or something similar on your web browser). Here are some instructions I found specific to your model: http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Belkin/F5D8232-4/F5D8232-4index.htm

    Good luck, and let us know what happens! :)
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