Antec p182 fan replacement

i plan to build my new PC in the p182, based on a q6700 or q6450 and a 8800gts or 9800 gtx,
It comes with three fans (triCool).

I would like to replace them by more silent ones (S-Flex or Noctua).
what kind of speed will I need? 800 rpm are enough for the case fans? I plan to do some OC, but shure not to the max.
furthemore I plan to buy teh ASUS maximus formula and place the Xigmatek HTD-s 1283. This combo should be PWM-able, isn't it?

thanks to all
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  1. I went with s-flex, but the noctua are just as good.

    Get the fastest speed then add a fan controller.
  2. @athauglas

    how many fans can be controlled by the board?
  3. It depends on which motherboard you choose to a certain degree.

    2 most likely. Normally they can only be speed monitored and you can be alerted through beeps if they fail. The CPU fan can be controlled through voltage and PWM or not controlled at all. An alert in the form of a beep will come if the processor reaches a certain temeperature or if the fan fails to spin.
  4. I'm a bit confused...

    how many fans can the Maximus Formula x38 control?
    the case comes with 3 fans, the heatsink with 1, so I need four fans controlled!
    will I need a fan controller?
    if yes, would do the Aerocool easywatch the job? it can control 3 fans (heatsink would be controlled by the MB)
  5. I don't know how similar Aerocool's products are on the "guts" level, but I have an Aerocool Gatewatch2 and I hate it. It doesn't monitor temperatures correctly, makes obnoxious beeps for no apparent reason and doesn't ever change the speed of my fans. This one is my second try on a digital fan controller. The first one was a Thermaltake. I'll never buy a digital fan controller again.

    If I were do it again, I'd get something like this
  6. I recently completed a new build in P182 case. Rear top of case has 2 of 3 way fan speed switches (for the upper chamber rear and top 120mm fans.

    The bottom chamber fan and front intake fan are not hardware adjusted. On the rear 2 being set at middle speed, I can't here anything until I put an ear right up to it. I ordered a fifth 120mm fan for a 2nd front intake, and found I didn't need it. I totally agree with athauglas about trying it first with stock fans. They're good quality fans, and do not justify the extra expense of noctua or scythe fans, imo.
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