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can u tell me what basic configuration should i take for animation budget is around 30000
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  1. No sense in messing around with simple "home" computers. You need real power, and even power to spare. Animation is a demanding job for any computer, might as well get one that's up to the task. It's heartbreaking to put in a days work in animation just to have the show suffer from jerky movement and dropped frames, those are things that can be humiliating to a expert like yourself. Why be the laughing stock of your competitors? Get a real computer that does more than play games with you.

    You can own a computer made by a world-renown supercomputer maker, have it fully stocked with options, and still stay within budget. Yes, I'm talking about a genuine CRAY® CX-1 workstation, with emphasis on "work."
    This little hummer will be the envy of all your neighbors. It comes stock with Windows HPC Server 2008 and 16 Gigabit Rj-45 ports so you can send your material to hundreds of un-witting recipients in a matter of seconds! Scalable animated vector graphics mixed with plotted, multi-layered transparencies are are child's play for this thing. Animation is what this behemoth dreams about doing. Who needs direct-x when you can perform bit-mapped graphics easily with this thing that are faster than Direct-X 11! No matter how crappy you may be as an animation engineer, the power of this machine will more than make up for it! You'll look like a true "Pro" in no time! So get one now before it's too late! Your competition is looking at getting a few of these just to stay ahead. You can beat them at their own game if you get yours first.

    Remember, with a Cray Computer, You are the weakest link.

    I've put together a little demo video for you to see. Click the "Menu" tab at the bottom of the screen and select the different scenes, especially prepared just for you.

    See it, love it, and buy it:
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