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I have an Asus P5Q Pro, running a E8400 processor. I also have 4gb of GSkill DDR2-800 memory. I am using a Freezer Pro 7 HSF.

I want to overclock to 3.6, which is supposed to be pretty easy to attain. But, I need help with the BIOS settings. I tried bumping the FSB to 400 and the CPU Multiplier to 9. I also changed the FSB Strap to 400mhz. It booted fine, but I got the BSOD not long after. I will admit I am a complete noob at this. I don't want to push it too far, but I would like to get to the 3.6ghz mark. Please help. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Read the sticky in the CPU section of OCing.
  2. set your fsb strap to 333mhz....
  3. Can you explain why I need to set FSB Strap to 333mhz??? I would just like to understand some of this. I have read a few of the guides on the internet, but several of the BIOS options for my motherboard seem different, or named differently.

    I did try OC'ing last night and got BSOD when I tried launching a test in RealTemp. I had the FSB set to 400mhz, CPU Multiplier of 9, and FSB Strap 400mhz and Memory Frequency at 800mhz. I have not messed with voltages...
  4. OK, miker Have you read the OCing guide posted above???

    If you have, what have you set your vcore? NB? FSB? Ram voltage? Timings?

    Have you turned off required settings in BIOS? What?
  5. I'm most likely guessing that the voltages you are using is under stock..?
  6. Ravenica said:
    I'm most likely guessing that the voltages you are using is under stock..?

    Yeah, my voltages are all under the manufacturer suggested limits, if that is what you mean. I have been running stable at 3.6ghz now for a couple months on air cooling. I went higher, but it was running a little warmer than I wanted, plus the performance gains were negligible for me. I am mostly playing games or using photo/video editing software. All is good at 3.6!!
  7. I would suggest you should increase the voltages in steps.. Since you already got 3.6ghz stable.. Try getting 3.8ghz since from 3.6ghz needs a small amount voltage increase.. Every processor is different you would need to find the your own voltages.. But try to keep temps under 65 degrees.. :)
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