Dvd Drive, USB, External Drives not working

Okay, so I put a dvd in my dvd drive and it doesn't show up. I figured my dvd drive burned out and that I had to buy a new one.

But, it isn't just the dvd drive ... it's the usb ports too. If I plug in a usb storage device, it doesn't read properly ... I get the same "Drive Not Accessible" error.

Same with my digital camera and external hard drives.

The above link is an example of what I see in my computer. It's been suggested on other forums that it may be linked to dvd/cd burning software such as roxio ruining the registry ... this seems likely, but I wasn't able to fix the problem with their instructions. Anyone know what is going on here?
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  1. Link to these other forums please. You could also try a system restore to way before Roxio.
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