2 x 8800gt 512mb SLI or 1 x 8800 Ultra?

Hi all

I would like some advice on whether to go for 2 x 8800gt 512mb in SLI mode or 1 8800 Ultra. The price is comparable I am just wondering what setup would givethe best results?

Also I am wondering if my power supply is upto the job. I have an X-Power 500W PSU, constant power, that is running a 8800GTS graphic card, 1 x Sony DVD R/W, 1 x LG Blu-Ray - HD DVD combo player/ RW and 2 x Maxtor 250GB Hardrives and a Creative X-Fi Sound Card.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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  1. What games are you playing? And you will probably need to upgrade your psu. If you choose to go sli, sli the gts, youll get better results (if its the G92)
  2. in games where SLI support is available, I would Imagine (i dont know), that the 8800gt/s sli would wipe the floor with the ultra, and probably be cheaper, but I don't know, and also you probably need more power for the SLI, and in games where it's not supported, you only get one 8800 gts's power (although since most new games support it, and the gts is enough for old games...)
  3. Hi again

    Its 2 x 8800GT not GTS that I am thinking of going for. As for the games, well I am playing Crysis, Call of Duty 4, Quake 4, Far Cry.

    So go for the 8800GT 512mb in SLI mode NOT the Ultra and upgrade the PSU? Was thinking of a 1000w PSU
  4. 1000w is total overkill. A good 600 - 750w will do fine. PC P&C 750 is good but pricey. Corsair also makes good PSUs.
  5. 2 8800GT's will whoop 1 Ultra. 1000W PSU is a monster Overkill. Maybe 600-700PSU of good quality. The G92 doesnt suck near as much power as the G80.
  6. A++^ lol

    People say 2 low end cards won't kill 1 High end card, but with the prices these days, what is mid and what is low end lol

    8800 GTS sli > 8800 GT (512) sli > 9600 GT sli > 8800 Ultra

    I've seend the 8800 GTS G92 match up to the 8800 Ultra in some benchmarks.
  7. The Ultra is just an OCed 8800GTX with a different cooler. It's a G80 GPU, OLD TECH. Still good tech if you have one already, but if you are buying, get the new stuff. It sucks less power and you can run 2 on a 600W PSU that would otherwise only run 1 Ultra.

    An yes 2 9600Gt's will beat the pants off a single Ultra.
  8. if it were me I'd go 2 8800 GTS and your set...or wait a month more and see what ATI dishes out:)
  9. 2x8800GT are the way better choice!!
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