Best graphics cards to support dual monitor setup

I just purchased two 22" HP monitors (yea I know I should've bought 24" ones instead). Right now I have single Nvidia GeForce 7900GS running twin view and the monitors hooked up via DVI. I was wondering if anyone knew if any of the other Nvidia cards (quadro, geforce 8 or 9 series, whatever) might offer better support for multiple monitors. Oh and I currently dual boot vista 32bit and ubuntu 8.04 so if anyone has any links or resources concerning dual monitor setup / multi-monitor setup I would really appreciate it.

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  1. As long as you aren't gaming or need highend Graphics support the 7900GS will work fine. Most current graphics cards offer dual outputs. Dual view just shares the cards resources between 2 monitors. Unless you need better performance for Games or graphics programs, you really don't need to upgrade.
  2. Thanks!
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