upgrade Pentium D 925 to ??? on Intel DP965LT mobo

I admit it, I can no longer follow Intel's bewildering array of chips!!

Am looking to upgrade a Pentium D 925 currently sitting in an Intel DP965LT mobo. Any suggestions?

The board supports the Core 2 Duo's, but is (apparently?) limited to 1066 FSB, so the E6850 and E8400 (which are 3.0Ghz like the D925) with 1333 FSB are out? Do I have that info right?

So what would be the "best" cpu choice? (that is, would be faster than the D925, and supported by existing mobo)

I primarily use the PC for Photoshop et al, so i think 2 cores is plenty, guess i'm primarily concerned with raw clock speed on single-thread apps. Is there a viable upgrade path for that mobo?

Thx for any advice
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  1. since your board supports core 2, just get the highest clocked one you can find (probably the E6850), or get a Q6600. If you do any video editing, the 4 cores will help significantly.
  2. Any one of the Core 2 products will be faster then the D925. If you can get a Q6600(BIOS 1612 required) you will be very happy with the speed increase. Plus you will have 4 cores. If you do not want to spend $200 get any of the Core 2 Duo E6600, E6700, E6420.

    The newer E6850 is 1333 FBS that will not work

    Supported CUP list from intel for that board

    Please note some of the older Core 2 Duos will be harder to find, But will be easy to find used.

    Photoshop will use all the cores. You will see a huge increase in filter and changing masks.

  3. Excellent, thank you both!
    (particular 1Haplo for that link, how'd i miss that? doh!)
  4. get a high clock cpu since i doubt you oc much with intel mobo - many do not oc much

    i recommend the 6850 since it's clocked high and should work with your system
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