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is it possible to recover files from a formatted hdd? Yesterday my hdd crashed and i had to reformat it.
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  1. Yes. I just used TestDisk to recover my RAID1; it is free and I did not lose anything. Read and follow the instructions (they're on the same page).
  2. The best software I've found is Recuva.
  3. i tried both those programs and they only show my current partition. I need to get a hold of my deleted partition.
  4. I don't know of a free software that will recover a full partition, check, the free version can recover up to 2gigs.

    Your results will be based on how much you have used the disk since you formatted it, if you overwrote many of the files, it will have a hard or impossible time getting things back.

    Looks like TestDisk may also be good for you to use, maybe you did not follow the instrutions fully? There seem to be several ways of running it, try running of a bootable disk or something.
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