Need help oc

first thing i would like to know some good overclocking websites so i can make sure i got a good understanding of how everything works

next this is my computer setup

msi p43 neo3-f (v 1.0) bios v1.5
3rd party cooler (cant remember)
ati 4850
rosewill 850w psu

my mother board has fsb jumpers on it and it has 4 settings 200mhz, 200-266, 266-333, 333-400. my computer runs fine on any of the jumper settings except for 333-400 (the manual says to remove the jumper for this setting) the computer will turn on but no display (not even the startup screen where u press del) i can hear the hdd running but i dont think anything happens cuz i dont hear the vista startup tune. it will run like that until i turn it off. now my question is the only thing that i have changed is the fsb jumper i havent changed ram ratios or any voltages nothin just the fsb jumpers. but when i set the jumpers back to 266-333mhz the computer runs fine no problem and yes i have dont stress testing and everything is cool (but come to think i only did the testing with just the cpu so i dont know if that makes a difference). so i was hoping that maybe i could get some info from somebody that has this board and had the same issues or just had issues like this in general. id appreciate any help i can get thanks and plz reply with any ideas cuz right now i know nothing so any fresh ideas would help. thanks
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  1. AFAIK you won't/shouldn't need to mess with the jumpers. You should be able to OC via the BIOS. Mind linking to the manual?
  2. ok here is the link for the manual but its in pdf and u have to download it but here it is

    when u get in there look at the jumper settings and u will c jb1 and jb 2 for fsb settings u might b right and i dont need to use them but from my understanding i do let me know what u think
  3. oh and probably be a good idea if i mentioned that everything in my bios is set to default so i havnt messed with those settings. it wont let me change my voltage or any settings except for disabling and enabling settings and the fsb. i did however get to oc from 2.66ghz to 3.33ghz just by moving the jumpers
  4. Ok, basically set the jumper to 1066FSB. Then look for "Adjust CPU FSB Frequency (MHz)" under "Cell Menu". Adjust this and voltages,etc seen under the "Cell Menu" to start OCing. You DO NOT need to mess with the jumpers. According to the manual you CAN change the voltages, you will need to Disable Dynamic OverClocking first. Please read page 55-58 for details on your BIOS settings.
  5. ok cool thanks i really appreciate the help ive got them set to 1333fsb but in prime95 i get a error less than a minute into it (but i do have everything set to auto so maybe that could be the issue to) so ill try setting it back to 1066 and hope for the best. thanks again
  6. yeah it wont let me oc with the jumpers on 1066 i have to move to 1333 to be able to do any oc in the bios. if i leave it on 1066 i get a error saying the last oc wasnt stable and thats even if i take the fsb up 10mhz or change any of the settings. but when im in the 1333mhz jumper settings it allows me to change whatever i want. but just curious how much does everyone trust prime95 torture test because even with everything stock settings it gives me a error less than a minute into the test. but i can run any game or almost anything without it crashing on me once. so im just curious
  7. What are your temps?
  8. 59c max load when oc to 3.6ghz but i want to reach 3.8
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