How does this look before i buy and a few questions
I have monitor, keyboard, mouse, psu, os and case.

I also have a few questions/concerns. I can't help but feel that the motherboard is cheap and I should be spending more. Should I go with it or step up to something better? It would be nice to have SLI and RAID. I would prefer a board that supports 45nm processors and i can upgrade on for a while. Concerning the ram I had picked out some 1066 g skill but I'm wondering if I would be better off just buying some 800 ram. I hear there is not much of a noticeable difference between 800 and 1066, so what's the ups and downs of each?
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  1. Well from what I read, that motherboard doesn't work well with 1066 ram. If I stick with that motherboard I'll get 800. Still wondering if I would be better off with another board though.
  2. DS3L does support 45nm I have a E8400 on mine. 1066 RAM is only good if your overclocking and has compatability issues with most Mobos.

    SLI isn't really worth it as by time you get a second card the next generation has come out or been announced. IMO its more effective to get a single card solution every generation or two.

    Other than that the build looks solid.
  3. Thanks for addressing my concerns. I can buy a little easier now. :)
  4. I don't trust MSI I would choose Evega over it (costs the same)
    Good choice on the MOBO no need to spend more 775 will be out soon any way.
    Stick with good 800 Ram should do the trick.
    Other than that looks good.
  5. Where do you see it for that price? At Newegg the EVGA is 254.99
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