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I searched the forums for help before posting this, but I didn't find anything specific to my issue.

PC specs are as follows:

Mobo: GA-890FXA-UD5
Processor: AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition
Hard Drive: Samsung 1000 GB, partitioned down to 50 GB where I am installing the OS
Attempted OS: Windows XP Professional 64-bit
Current OS: None...wiped clean.

I am trying to install windows XP pro 64 on my PC. I tried doing a clean install. The xp setup recognized all of my hard drives and partitions. I selected the appropriate partition, formatted it and copied the setup files. Next step is the reboot into the XP GUI to complete the installation. When it gets to "press any key to boot from CD" nothing happens. It stops. The PC is set to boot from CD every time.

After reading a lot of different forums, I learned that XP doesn't contain native support for SATA drives and that i should reconfigure my BIOS for ATA and not ACHI. After taking a look, my options are as follows: Native IDE, RAID, and ACHI. It was already configured for Native IDE so I didn't change anything as the other options are definitely not what I am looking for.

After more reading, I learned that I can slipstream the drivers into the Windows setup disk. I can't find the drivers for the mobo and I am not sure if this is the route I should be taking.

The only OS's I can install with no issues are 7 and Vista. With that I read on the Microsoft site that XP uses a different boot system than Vista and 7. So...not sure what to do on that one.

I am planning to use DBAN and start from rock bottom...but DBAN doesn't see partitions and I am trying to save the data thats on the same hard drive but in different partition.

Any assistance would be awesome...thanks.
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  1. All your drivers can be downloaded here.

    If you're not getting a response, when you see the 'press any key' message, make sure your type of keyboard is enabled in the BIOS.
  2. Thanks for the info.

    The drivers on the site come as one file, but I'm thinking that if I re-up the machine, install the package, maybe I can copy the drivers over...?
  3. When I look at the downloads, I see downloads for each driver type.

    You can download the drivers for XP 64 bit when it's installed, and you should be good to go.

    If you can't get on the net, download the LAN/ethernet driver from another PC, and transfer it over.
  4. Got it...the thing is, I need to slipstream those drivers into the XP install disc, so when I install XP, it will be able to see those SATA drives.
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    You can use nlite to slipstream a new install disc with those drivers.
  6. Am I able to take the entire .exe file and add it? In what folder or location would I put it? Also, I tested the OS on a laptop with a SATA drive and it worked fine. Do you think there could be something else at play here? Again, thanks for the help.
  7. You will need to extract the exe so that you see the .sys, .cat, and/or .inf files before you can slipstream them into the XP disk.
  8. Right on. I see that nLite will pretty much do everything for me. I will let you guys know how it turns out. Thanks again.
  9. It's a nice tool. Good luck.
  10. You guys rock, bro. I am updating from the XP OS...thanks a lot...
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  12. Thanks for the vote. Glad to help. :)
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