2 weeks ago i finished putting my first build together... when i turn my pc on, it doesnt start. i feared that was going to happen.

2. no fans spin at all
3. mouse and keyboard not plugged in (dont know if that makes a difference)
4. fan LEDs flash once, motherboard's light flash once, and mother makes a short beep sound... all for 1 second

so what should i do? i think im just gonna RMA the motherboard and maybe the power supply -_- i think my motherboard needs a BIOS update or DOA motherboard or RAM has issues with my motherboard as many people said in the reviews.

pc specs:

intel e8400, gigabyte ep35c d3sr, 4gb corsair xms2, g92 8800 gts, seagate 250gb harddrive, pc power and cooling 750W
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  1. Have you plugged the CPU 12v lead from the PSU into the MB to supply power to the CPU? Use one DIMM RAM in slot 1 only. Enter BIOS and set the Memory voltage to 2.0-2.1v for PC6400. If the system fails to POST to BIOS, unplug EVERYTHING except the CPU fan, video card and 1 DIMM of RAM. Try bootin the system with The CPU/fan, video card and 1 DIMM of RAM only. If that doesn't work, you want to remove the MB from the case and try booting outside of the case to insure the system is not shorting out to the case. At some point you would need spare parts like power supply, RAM, video card, etc. to further troubleshoot the system. HTH.

  2. Did you remember to use spacers between the motherboard and the case's motherboard tray (didn't do this with my first build)? Did you remember to plug in the 4-Pin (black/yellow) CPU power cable into the motherboard? Does your power supply have a switch on back?

    -Wolf sends
  3. One other thing, your BIOS may not support your e8400 as you mentioned has been suggested. You would need to use a CPU that supports your current BIOS to get the system up and running and then update to the proper BIOS support for your e8400.

    edit = spelling as usual.
  4. Did you mount the motherboard on standoffs? You might try assembling your parts outside of the case to see if it will start.
  5. ^ that's what I'd suggest, that brief flash of lights could be the sign of a short.
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