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Greetings folks!
I have spent some money making my PC quieter , bought a Zalman fan for CPU and Twin Turbo for graphics card (which by the way both work GREAT! Recommend them 100%!)
So all that is good and most of the noise is fan , but then to find out my Hitachi hard drives (2x) are making a fan noise :O
Its not loud , but its a low pitched fan noise that i can hear even with headphones on! :(
So this boils down to 3 questions
1) Is it normal for hard drives to be audible outside the case?
2) Are Hitachi hard drives known for being noisy?
3) If the above 2 are true , could you recommend a silent hard drive? Looking for 80g :)
Wow , sorry about waffling!
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  1. I have two 120mm intake fans, one 120mm CPU fan (109CFM at max speed = loud), the same fan on the exhaust, and a 90mm exhaust. included are stock 9800GTX fan and quiet PSU fan. I can sometimes hear my 2xVelociraptors chuggin' away, though they are 10k drives. I don't think it's unreasonable to think that a computer as quiet as yours would get some sort of HDD noise.
  2. Ah yeah mate , i might just be way to OCD about the whole thing :P
    But is it normal to hear a whirring inside your hard drives and can you get silent ones? If so , able to recommend?
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