2 8800gts 320 (80) in SLI or 1 9800gtx (g92)?? Please Help!

I have the two gts's but would I be better off speding the extra 50$ and getting the gtx g92? Thanks,
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  1. I will go with the single GTX all the way.

    More power than those old 320mb GTS cards in SLI
  2. i,m not sure how 2 GTS 320MB would perform compared to a 9800GTX but for only 50 bucks more I would go with the GTX.

    But if possible you might want to wait till the new Nvidia and ATI cards are released and then get a better card
  3. and gornak beat meto it ...so what he said :P
  4. Unless you're getting each 8800 GTS 320 for like 50 bucks, not worth it at all. The shared 320MB of memory is not enough for max resolutions with any filtering in about any modern game, it's old G80, and I think a single 8800 GTS 512 would beat out the SLIed 320 GTS.
    Wait for the new cards, or if you really can't the 9800 GTX would be a much much better purchase. 2 mid-range cards in SLI will not beat a high-end card.
  5. if you must have it now...go with the gtx...otherwise wait for the new nvidia/ati cards....which should also bring a drop in price for the 9800gtx if i understand correctly
  6. mid june
  7. When are the newer range cards coming out and what are the costs approx.? Anyone know? Cuz im getting kinda ancy and I only wanna spend about 250-300
  8. If you already own two 8800GTS 320MB now, don't buy an 8800GTX or 9800GTX. Your two cards would trade blows with them. Often they could easily beat an 8800GTX or 9800GTX by a good margin. But the Problem is though your 320MB memory, so higher res with fsaa where SLI often crush a single GPU (an make a playable difference) you will be memory limited instead.

    As an example of how 320MB GTS SLI can beat an 8800GTX look at this old review (= old games ) ...

    look at Fear 16x12 with softshadows. 103 fps to 74 fps.

    SCCT 158 fps vs 98 fps:
  9. again :(
  10. 2x 8800GTS 320 perform good but not int all games, for example in
    GRAW2,CRYSIS...... which take advantage of more memory then 8800GTX beats even 2 8800GTS 320 in SLI mode (as u mentioned about it)
  11. Yeah, I wouldn't doubt 8800GTX > SLI 320MB GTS in Crysis but I have not seen any benchies of those games showing if the 8800GTX can beat them or not.

    Considering how bad a single 320MB GTS does in crysis, I can imagine two in SLI would also drop off bad as resolution goes up. Problem is, a single 8800GTX doesn't do all too well in Crysis high res high detail either, and forget fsaa. So the SLI 320MB GTS may lead medium details and high details at lower res. At some point in high details the 8800GTX would pull ahead, but would it be at a playable resolution or would it be a 24fps vs 19fps victory? Basically at max playable settings with a single 8800GTX, (16x10 mostly high no aa for example), would the SLI 320MB GTS be behind? Anyway, like I said I ahve not seen it tested so this is guesswork. I would like to see it done, especially actual gameplay not the GPU benchie most sites use.

    For those reasons, I decided way back not to buy a second 320MB GTS but instead buy the two 8800GT 512MB. But I just bought the $88 shipped no rebate Zotac that is in-route, so I'll soon get to test (cheaply!!!!) SLI 8800GTS 320MB.

    Still for the OP who already owns two 320MB GTS, I would never recommend an 8800GTX, Ultra, or single G92. SLi 8800GTS 512MB or the next generation cards (GT200) would be an actual upgrade.
  12. Well i think in lower resolutions 2 8800GTS 320 may lead but in resolutions like 1920x1200 and with some AA and AF the extra memory +384bit will help
  13. I'd think in games a single GTX can handle 19x12 with fsaa, then yeah that would probably put a hurting on the 320MB. Crysis though SLI 8800GTX can't even handle those settings.

    I'd like to see 8800GS 384MB SLI vs 8800Ultra and 9800GTX. The things are ridiculously cheap at $99 shipped AR. I'm going to test 8800GS SLI vs 8800GT SLI, but unfortunately don't have access to any of the big boy GPU's (GTX's and Ultra).
  14. You sure have the time to test :) but i cant :( because i have to study and studying in IRAN is probably the hardest u have to read 33 books in 9 months and then u will have to pass a 4 hour exam :(

    Also i say that 2 8800GTX in SLI can run Crysis @ 1920x1200 with very high quality but i think with 0xAA right?
    Because i was just looking @ the benchmarks of DUAL 8800MGTX (8800MGTX performs a little lower than desktop 8800GTX) and it could run Crysis @ 1920x1200 with very high quality with 0xAA:


    Display: 17-inch WUXGA (1920x1200) Glossy Widescreen
    DUAL NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX in SLi Mode
    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
    Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound
    4GB DDR2 800 Dual Channel Memory
    640GB HDD


    As u see with VISTA ULTIMATE it got 18.4 for Min FPS, 41.4 for Max FPS and 34.7 for Average which is pretty good but yeah this is without AA
    AA kills the performance also it isnt very much needed for high resolutions like this, because when i tested my 8800GTX with 1680x1050 with 0xAA and 16xAA i didnt see a noticeable differences, i think AA is more useful in lower resolutions
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