Which hard disk to use?

Ok, so I have a 250GB WD hard disk in my PC. Needless to say, I've run out of space. I'll be buying a new hard disk 750GB~1TB and I'll be fomatting my system as well. So, on which HD should I install my OS? The newer HD will probably have a larger buffer so should I install my OS on that or should I install it on the smaller disk?
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  1. Personally, I'd put the OS on the small drive and store all the docs, pics, movies etc on the 750GB drive. That if the OS craps out you haven't lost all your data (although suggest doing regular backups)
    Unless you're doing high end graphics or video work, from what I understand, there won't be a noticable performance difference (unless the 250GB is a 4200rpm IDE and the new one is a SATA300! :)

    hope that helps
  2. ^^ Same for me, I use my 2 1TB for storage only. My 320GB is used in 2 partitions. One for Vista and another for XP. All my programs are on these 2 partition.

    Like Takenra said, if something goes wrong, your files are safe. Virus, in most case, don't infect media files. In the worst case, you format you OS and program disk.
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