Computer Wanting to Access the Web When Webcam Video is Played

Is it normal for my computer to try and access the internet when i go to play back a video i made with my on-board webcam? Recently i had a severe virus infection that involved having the system cleaned professionally. My desktop had one rootkit and several trojans, and the laptop had several trojans too. Up until that time i had been using the free version of AVG. I called MicroSoft since the bug had apparently made it impossible to revieve any windows updates. They hooked into my desktop and said there was an active hacker at work. So I had it cleaned. Since then I have installed a store-bought virus program. Yesterday I set the firewall functions to maximum just to be safe. Then I started reading about how easy it is for these people to gain control of my laptop's on-board webcam. I decided to mess around with it by making a few brief videos. I went to the My Video file and clicked play. immediatly my anti-virus program gave me an allert saying that [all i can remember at this point was something "unotherized"] wanted access to the web. What is going on? is it normal forr my computer to do this?

Thank you for any and all input you can provide.
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  1. You already have a thread running for this problem. Don't multi-post
  2. sorry. i had the usual problems attempting to register and queston wass inadvertantly sen t repeadetly. i will delete the others if i can. but alas, i see no place to do this... thanks for your input.
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