Help Needed!!! Acer Aspire One ZG5 boot problem!


I need to set up windows xp on an acer aspire one zg5

I checked on bios to 'allow usb booting'

i also set boot priority to usb devices

Laptop has 6 available options to boot from at bios

and LAN
(although theres no IDE support, it has a SATA hard drive.)

The system just bypasses any usb device i plug

i have a usb cdrom and usb pen drives ive tried to boot from but it just doesnt boot.

if i hit f12 to select boot device, the only available options shown are the HDD and LAN BOOT.

actually, its not a usb cdrom, its an ide cdrom with an usb to ide adapter.. it has worked in the past so i don't see this being the problem.

i have 3 pen drives
i made them bootable using

this didnt work either.

So in an effort to workaround this problem i removed the sata hard drive, plugged it on my desktop computer and installed windows xp there,
i plugged it back on the laptop and i get BSOD even in safe mode
so this method didnt work.

SO what can I DO?

Any ideas, suggestions will be greatly appreciated

This sata hard drive is brand new, I replaced it because the last one crashed (bad sectors.)
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  1. Wow, all those words typed in and you did not say a thing that was specific.

    I checked on bios to 'allow usb booting'

    i also set boot priority to usb devices

    You failed to say if you specifically selected boot from USB CDROM, or any other specific device that you had selected.

    Computers are the most specific devices on the planet Earth. You also must be just as specific, even here in giving your description of trouble or nobody can help you.

    If you have a USB CDROM, then select to boot from USB CDROM, not just boot from USB devices. The computer doesn't know which USB device to boot from. It demands you be specific.
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