HELP>>>BSOD when I try to OC

I have a new sapphire hd4830 that i keep getting BSODs everytime i try to use CCC or tray tools to oc the card.

i get the BSOD when i use CCC's Overdrive 'auto-tune' utility or ATI TRay Tool's 'Hardware' overclocking page to auto-find max oc values.

i've done a clean install of the catalyst suit/tray tools after removing the tray tools and ati drivers,software,etc/ using driver sweeper/ CCleaner's reg cleaner.

i'm running winXP home sp3-updated this week from MS website, intel C2D E5200, gigabyte EP43-DS3L mobo, 3gig ram. my gigabyte/sapphire drivers are latest release as of this week. (no beta)

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  1. Maybe it's like the old joke and you just shouldn't do that...
  2. ....and how much are you overclocking it by ? forget the auto-tune utility.
  3. the BSOD occurs almost immediately after initiating the program.

    thx for the input!
  4. What are your temps? You may need to increase fan speed.

    Run Furmark at stock settings to test stability.
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