External esata hdd as an internal one

i'm wondering if it's possible to use an external esata hdd instead of internal sata hdd in some cases?
(for example, is it better to address the scratch disk of photoshop in a second internal hdd? or with the new interface (esata) and 7200 external hdds it's pretty much the same? does it differ or is it like an internal disk but out of pc case in opening max files rendering out and ... ?)

is the speed of read and write and access time just like internal ones? (my internal hdd is WDC WD3200AAJS-00YFA0) and i'm planning to buy a 1 or 1.5 t external esata from wd or seagate. are they worth buying or they're high in price for now?
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  1. In terms of performance there shouldn't be any difference between SATA and eSATA (as long as they're both SATA-1 or both SATA-2).
  2. so is it better to buy an internal 1 tera and enclosure in means of quality or the external one is better and equal in quality, speed, access time, and life time?
  3. there's no such thing as an esata hdd

    you can get an esata case with a sata hdd inside....but its identical to any other sata hdd
  4. maybe i should ask in a diffrent way, i meant if the external hdd has the same hardware (same access time and read/write speed and works just like an internal hdd) as internal hdd,so what's the use of external? ain't it better to buy an internal one and an external enclosure? so that i can use the hdd inside the pc case whenever i want to.
  5. If this is a drive that you want to always be online for instant access, and if you have the space, power and cooling capacity inside your system case, then buy an internal drive. It will be cheaper, less prone to accidental disconnects, and won't require messy external wiring for data and power.

    Buy an external drive if you're out of capacity in your case or for something like backups or data transport where you want to disconnect the drive and put it somewhere else.

    If you do choose to buy an external drive, I'd recommend one with both an eSATA and a USB connection. Use eSATA for best performance on your own system, but having the USB connection means that if necessary the drive can also be used with just about any computer made in the last 10 years. This is particularly important for a backup drive where you may need to recover your data to a different system (i.e., if your system is stolen).
  6. sorry to ask it here. :bounce:
    is it possible to put my wd internal hard drive (320GB 8MB cache 7200) with an wd 320GB 16or32 MB cache 7200 rpm in a raid 0 array?
    or they must be exactly the same for the best performance?
    if the answer is positive, can i buy a WD6401aals which is a very high performance hdd or a 1tera wd and put around 200 gig from the old hdd of mine and the new one in raid 0, and use the rest of capasity as storage?
    thanks for support.
  7. help pleaaaasseee...
  8. You can combine disks of various sizes and capacities, but whether you can use the extra space on the larger drives depends on the RAID controller.
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