Please help! Just got 2 SSD's for my new Thinkpad W700

Hey all, I've not yet opened up my new Thinkpad W700 to take a looksie just yet, but I will have to, as I just got an Intel 80GB 1.8 SSD in. This is not the 2.5" X25-M.

I have a second one, also 1.8. They're both indicated for the W700, amongst many others of course.

I didn't get either RAID0 or a RAID1 configured, as I have no need for either. So my question is, where do I put these two babies?? I have a hard drive caddy for my T60p, which doesn't fit into the W700 Ultrabay (big surprise). I'm sure there is one for the new Thinkpad, which would hold one of those tiny size drives. I need one other spot, though, for the 3rd drive. Since Lenovo is offering RAID config's, this is obviously possible, is it not?

My main drive is a Hitachi 200GB 7k200, but I don't know how I can swap the HDD for a 1.8 SSD!?!?

Can anybody please help me? :pfff:
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  1. Wait, I'm confused CrunchDude, you basically want to swap out your hard disks for the SSDs right? What's keeping you from simply unplugging the hard drives and plugging in the SSDs to where they were?
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