Windows xp boot up acting funny

Ok so i am trying to reinstall xp, and when i boot up, it will stop and random points. once, right at the beginning "inspecting hardware configuration...." froze, and cd rom stops spinning (stops reading the disk.) im pretty sure its not the cd rom, its new. i try another cd, and the same. sometimes, it makes it to u know when it goes to the blue screen and reads the drivers and everything (before deleting partition and formatting part) and when its inspecting, freezes, cd rom stops. why would this be happening?

specs: (old comp.)
ddr2 667 2gb
80gb ide drive
cd/dvd sata drive/burner combo
k8m800 micro am2 motherboard
amd athlon 64 x2

ps, i had windows xp installed. not first installation.
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  1. Since it's an old PC, try a different hard drive.
  2. Boot up acting funny?

    Tell your boot up to straighten up, behave and load correctly.
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