GA-P35-DS3L [re: $500 Gaming PC article],1810.html

basically want to do that setup, but can't buy the graphics card outright (budget, of course).
Unfortunately, the card does not have built in graphics card.

Can anyone recommend a similar motherboard (price range, and performance) but also have a built-in graphics card so that I can use the computer till I get the card in the article?
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  1. as far as i know, there are no P35 boards with integrated graphics.
  2. This series from Gigabyte. Micro ATX though and have integrated video

    The G31/33/35 series motherboards---> intel------> see more
  3. it would be cheaper to get the motherboard... And then get a cheap video card. As with onboard video, you won't be doing any gaming, and when you do decide to get a graphics card, if you have a cheaper motherboard, you will more than likely have a bad experience with your gaming pleasure...
  4. There are a couple of ATX boards in there also, i'm just not sure of their quality or reliability.
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