Very hard desicion

Hello all :) hope u are all good and having fun :)

Well this year i will go to university :D and because my sister goes to university as well and we both have only 1 computer and thats in my room so i am going to give it to her with this config:
E6600,4GB RAM,8800GTX,500GB HDD,22"MONITOR

And i myself am going to buy a laptop(Yeah not desktop because i may move alot when i go to university so i cant get a desktop)

Well there are currently 2 laptops that can replace my desktop,on of them is XPS M1730(Mobile CPU,Dual 8800MGTX) and the other one is SAGER NP9262(Desktop CPU!! with Dual 8800MGTX) which are both ~$3500 with a good config :( and that price is too much for me (Before i continue let me tell u this that i do GAMING(ALOT),WEB SURFING, PHOTHOSHOP......) so thats why the GPU is very important for me
BUT the computer gaming isnt what it was in the last years, the titles are mosty going to XBOX 360, Wii and other consoles, so this gave me 2 ideas:

1_Get a good laptop with $1500 like XPS M1530 which is a good laptop and the only problem of it is its GPU(8600M GT)
with a XBOX 360 or Wii and do gaming with the console and other things with the laptop

2_Wait for the prices to come down and get a beast like XPS M1730 or SAGER NP962 and dont get Consoles

3_othe ideas

thanks alot :)
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  1. I say go with the Xbox 360 and then a school laptop.
  2. Build your sister a cheap system and keep the C2D and 8800GTX. Can you say, "Of course this is not ...refurbished, what do you think I'm trying to pull here." :o :sol:
  3. Well i forgot something to say, even IF i was going to get a new desktop i couldnt, because i wanted a 24" LCD which costs about $1000 in IRAN :(

    To badge: If i keep the C2D and 8800GTX what can i do with them ? i
    wont/cant build a new desktop
  4. I'm currently attending a university myself, and I can safely tell you that while moving a PC around can be annoying, I love having it here. But if you really don't want to lug it around, I would go with your first option, get a decent $1500 laptop and a 360. Besides, an 8600 isn't all that bad. I'm still using an X800pro in my PC 0_o
    But I guess going from an 8800 to an 8600, I understand hahaha.
  5. Well I know what it is like to go off to school and want to get rid of the desktop to get a laptop. I'm also a gamer and the GPU is very important , but in 2006 not too many laptops had good GPU, I ended up getting an Alienware Area 51 m5750. It was a great laptop(And I think alienware is great, yes overpriced but the tech support was great.) For the GPU I had a ATI X1800( It still runs most of my game at high at 1440X900). If you want gaming on your laptop you could look at the alienware Area 51 m15x get it with a 8800mgtx and its about $2000 and still get a xbox 360 for about $350 so thats less then the $3500(And the Area 51 m15x look pretty sick)But I own a xbox 360 and I do games on both my desktop and the 360. RTS and some FPS of PC, and FPS and RPG at 360. Hope this helped.
  6. If that SAGER was just a little cheaper i would definitely have gone for it:
    17" 1920x1200
    Intel DUAL/QUAD Desktop CPU
    2x 8800MGTX

    Lol this things even beats my PC :D but its very expensive :(
  7. Hiya Maziar...firstly congrats for the admission to Univ :)

    Ok how about this...

    1) You get a mid range laptop for say $800 (with C2D 1.7ghz, nvidia 8400, 2gb RAM and 160GB HD) and you build a kikass gaming desktop for yourself for $1000


    2) Take your current desktop with you to the univ, build a midrange (cheaper :D) desktop for your sister and move to uni... and buy a midrange laptop there.
  8. thanx mate :)
    Well as i said if i want to get a new dekstop i will need a 24" monitor which costs $1000 so i cant
  9. Well, what would you use for the Xbox360? Wouldn't you still want that 24" monitor? :heink:

    Regardless of whether you get the Xbox360 or build a desktop for gaming, you need something for the display! :pt1cable:

    And you could also use this display for your laptop! :sol:
  10. Well we have a 40" SAMSUNG LCD TV with 1920x1200 resolution :D so if i get a XBOX or Wii i will hook them to the TV
  11. How about getting a XBOX/Wii with a imac? is it bad to go with a mac and do my apps with it and play with console?
  12. Maziar said:
    How about getting a XBOX/Wii with a imac? is it bad to go with a mac and do my apps with it and play with console?

    Not a bad choice, but remember that there might be some compatibility issues with Macs. Also, it takes some getting used to.
  13. ehat with you and the 24", cant you get something a bit cheaper?
  14. I must get 24" because i currently have a good 22" LCD and if i want to replace it then i must get something which has 1920x1200 resolution :D
  15. aww jeez, is that all, just suffice with a cheaper one. U graphic whore(Im one too though, all hardcore PC Gamers are).
  16. ^ btw are you moving abroad or are ya gonna stay in Iran?
  17. Iranian girls are hot! So stay there.
  18. There is a very good solution for this..:
    $1400 of laptop goodness. Then buy a 360 to go with it!
  19. I'm staying
  20. an 8600gt is nothing to laugh at. its good at 12800x800 res and will max out wow and alot of other games. wow maxed out with 8x antialiasing and smooth mouse which alone cuts off 40% of fps.
  21. i didnt say that 8600M GT is a bad card but my desktop 8800GTX destroys it
  22. if you need that higher res you need a very good card.wait for the ATI's 4800 series or NVIDIA's GT280.for laptop see the alienware's m17x. it has dual 8800mgtx.
  23. Guys i think i just said that i cant buy a desktop :)

    Well M17x is very expensvie, XPS M1730 and SAGER NP9262 are alot cheaper than it but i can afford them :(
  24. Hmmmmnnnn its tough to play on a notebook after spending a long time with an 8800GTX on a 22" screen
  25. Yeah but i think the SAGER is truly a replacement, as i said SAGER NP9262 has Desktop CPU, 4GB RAM, 2x8800MGTX, 3x HDD but the money...... :(
  26. Damn, really what a pain in the *ss. Just go to school will ya? Then fill what you need, dont get to ditzy about having a laptop w/ game console or get new 24" LCD. Made up your mind brother!!! Assuming you have a laptop and play a heavily game w/ max setting, the battery wont last long, aproximately 2-3 hours max. A laptop originally design NOT for playing games, know the basic THEY create a laptop. Indeed, todays laptop equiped with high GPU. But thats for give clear view of the screen, the most important of a laptop is the BATTERY!!! How long will the battery last, 2 hour, 3 hour, 4 hours or even more to play a heavily game??? thats the question. And what you need for a laptop? Is it to help you with your study? Or to get compliment from others? If your choose the first one, to help your study, then go ahead with the laptop. And dont think about get the super ultra extraordinary hardware inside, the usual is great, as long as it can fulfill your need. And the rest of the bucks you can buy that crap Sh*tty 360 or save it for your other need. But if you want to get a compliment, well i considering you a really really really dumb dumbest dumbass. In Indonesia $3500 you could buy a gp bike, honestly. and for $1000 you could buy a standard bike. You're an adult now, be wise brother. surfing and photoshop, use a pc. And for game, use that 360 degree of rotation. If you cant afford any of them, use your current pc. Don't waste your money for something that you really don't be needed for now. And for your sister, build a new pc w/ standard config, that should do. And if you couldn't buy a pc, what the hell you want a laptop??? Sorry for the word's bro, you really remind me of my friend. The ditzy attitude, you know.
  27. My recommendation is get a powerful but light and good value Laptop and the X360 or whatever is the dominant gaming platform in Iran or easiest for you to get games on. I think the Wii will shut you out of the same games as the standard laptop though.

    Gaming laptops are nice, bu unless you can use that power for other things like 3D or chemical or economic/math modeling, then really it's a tough thing to justify lugging around, while a nice light but powerful Lenovo may be the way to go.

    The Gateway 1FX 15" laptops with the GF8800MGTS are a nice compromise and might leave you with enough money left over for a gaming system.

    Depending on your time frame see if they bring something like an HD3850 or GF9600 to the laptop market for the mid-range, that might give you good options.

    A T9300 is one of the better bang/$ options for a CPU if you decide to get a powerful enough laptop, should remain a gamer for a while.

    But I still think the best bet is the mobile laptop able to do your daily needs, and then a dedicated gaming console, that ensures you a minimum level of playability longer term.

    PS, also the X360/PS3 likely would keep a higher resale value (compared to purchase) should you decide to sell it at some point instead of moving it.
  28. Well unfortunately GATEWAY is available only in US :(
    Well i think i will wait and i wont get a console + a cheap laptop because for example if i had a low end desktop with GPU then upgrading to a laptop would be better but replacing an E6600 @ 3.2 +8800GTX+4GB RAM is very hard, u know i cant really give away this and get a console and a cheap laptop so i guess i will wait for the prices to come down and in the mean time i have to be without a desktop :( (at least it wont be in my room)

    Thanx all, i appreciate your help :)
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