External esata hdd use as an internal one

i'm wondering if it's possible to use an external esata hdd instead of internal sata hdd in some cases?
(for example, is it better to address the scratch disk of photoshop in a second internal hdd? or with the new interface (esata) and 7200 external hdds it's pretty much the same? does it differ or is it like an internal disk but out of pc case in opening max files rendering out and ... ?)

is the speed of read and write and access time just like internal ones? (my internal hdd is WDC WD3200AAJS-00YFA0) and i'm planning to buy a 1 or 1.5 t external esata from wd or seagate. are they worth buying or they're high in price for now?

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  1. You won't notice any difference using esata from internal as long as the power is on for the esata.
    If the external is not being moved around or in a position to get knocked around it should be just as reliable.
    On the other hand an esata external drive is more expensive then an internal sata drive. 1tb internel drives are quite cheap, external 1tb usb are also reasonable, but esata in any size seem a bit pricey, I can get 2 1tb internal drives for the price of 1 esata drive.
    You may be able to get a better deal where you are.
  2. if the external hdd has the same hardware (same access time and read/write speed and works just like an internal hdd) as internal hdd,so what's the use of external? ain't it better to buy an internal one and an external enclosure? so that i can use the hdd inside the pc case whenever i want to.
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