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Hi all, ive just bought all my parts for new build and attempted to squeeze them into my old Antex p180b, its not happening so i need a new Full ATX i assume case.

My spec,
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450
Asus Rampage formula
8gb DDR2 OCZ Reaper
Zalman ZM850-HP (its longer than a normal psu hence my problem)
Xigmatek HDT-S1283 (quite big also)

Thanks very much all
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  1. I have a similar system in my Antec 900, so space should not be a huge problem. Regardless, I recommend this case:


    That's like a deluxe version of the P180, and is one of the best cases on the market.
  2. Looks like a nice rig minus the case/PS. I recently purchased Cooler Master 830e w/1000 watt PS from newegg. Its big has, plenty of conections, 6 bays, room for 6+ 120mm fans. I like the case layout and quality is very good. The PS however is NOT modular and the getting the cables sorted is a pain. A modular PS and this case would be a great option.
  3. If you like Antec and the 900, check out the 1200.
  4. I put just about the same rig in a Cosmos 1000


    I'm pretty happy with the case minus the lack of ability to screw in your optical drives. They've got some similar cases with a side fan that will probably run slightly cooler as well if you are huge into overclocking. The way the PSU bracket is designed it'll hold a PSU that is any size up to about 16" long.

    This case would probably work as well if you're willing to remove one of the HDD drive cages(Might have to clip the metal in a few places if they arn't easily removable). It's a bit more pricey, but it's a Lian Li and that's pretty hard to argue with. It was my first choice, but I decided to save $150 and go for the Cosmos.
  5. Well, you could treat yourself and get a Lian-Li A71 or A70. ...but if that's more than you like to spend on a case check the Antec 1200. The Antec 900 may have great airflow, but its just plain ugly to me and I hear that quietness is not one of its attributes.

    The CM Cosmos 1000 is quiet but doesn't have the best build quality. Side panels like to be troublesome, plastic frame is prone to cracking should you use the metal handles. They should have made this case out of all steel or steel & aluminum, IMO. I had one for 4.5 days until I decided I needed something better.

    Zalman has a beautiful new chassis out, the GS100 ( http://www.quietpcusa.com/Zalman-GS1000-Gaming-Computer-Case---Titanium-P422C5.aspx ).
  6. I was just about to say how awesome the cosmos 1000 is...but that zalman rocks. can't believe they only want $200 for it. i'd get that.
  7. I've always preferred Enlight boxes.
  8. Like sdnerf said the Cooler Master 830/832 series is very good, though your power supply is much better than the one that comes with the case + PSU combo.
  9. im assuming the zalman will be quiet? as this is 1 of the things i want from my case. Thanks a lot for all the replies im having a think about it and ill tell you what i decide
  10. I just helped my friend build a PC with an NZXT Tempest Case. Nice solid construction, moves a lot of air and very quiet, especially considering it has 7 fans. Its also quite large for a mid-ATX.


    Good luck

  11. Hey,
    I figure the case and the monitor are the things that tend to stay the longest, other parts come and go.
    So, I went with this one. http://www.coolerguys.com/840556086437.html
    Love the dust filter, blue leds not so much.
    Lian Li PC-80= One sexy beast.
  12. Sschweeett. That's a nice case, it'll likely last you and look nice for a long time.
  13. thanks a lot again, at the moment im think its between the Zalman GS1000 for that price and what seems to be quality i cant see how you could do much better, However i have my parts now and i think that they are only released in the uk in about 3 weeks? ive looked on quietpc .com and it says due in 3 weeks on there. Does anybody know the official UK release date? Im also looking at the Coolermaster Cosmos S anybody got 1 of these or know about there build quality and quietness? thanks
  14. id give them a ring, website was saying 8 days on monday
  15. We now nothing about the GS1000 yet, so I would wait.

    The Cosmos S is not a case I recommend (here comes the fanboys...). To be perfectly honest, I totally despise this case, I got one with the side panel problems where they fall off and rattle. The cooling is not that great, my Antec 900 on low beats out the Cosmos S by 7-10 degrees system temp. All this I ignored, or modded so the side panels would STAY ON, because I loved the handles for going to LAN partied with my friends, until about a week ago. As I was carrying it something snapped, twisted the shape of the case, and popped my 8800 GT right out of the PCI bracket, and broke the cooler, luckily the card itself was fine. At first I thought it was the handle, but it wasn't it was the frame itself. The frame had snapped warping the case itself, and had popped my GPU right off the motherboard and bent it where it was connected to the case This made me quite angry, but Cooler Master came through and agreed to replace it for me. I will be giving the Cosmos S to my friend, I don't want it anymore. The Cosmos S is not a bad case, by no means, it's cooling is sufficient, it is extremely quiet, and it looks nice, but it lacks a lot of the quality I demand from Cooler Master, and all my computer cases.

    On another note, I still recommend the Lian-Li PC-A70/A71. It is a great case with amazing cooling, is quiet, and is made with that legendary Lian-Li quality. The A71 is the A70 with a front door, so you do not have to have it.


  16. $380 for a case?..............
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