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I recently purchased an XFX 9800GT and I installed the accelero Twin Turbo. I downloaded eVGA precision to overclock, however I can't seem to get the memory higher than 930. I am able to bring the core linked with the shaders to around 680/1700. Anytime I load a game like WoW or Crysis it jsut freezes but this only happens when the memory is overclocked. It's the 65nm G92 chip so I'm not sure if that would cause a dramatic change in overclocking potential.
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  1. OCing the memory doesn't really provide much performance improvement.
  2. I know that the memory doesnt make much a difference but I dont understand why I can't oc it past 940mhz and keep it stable. I've seen a lot of 9800gt's clocked @ like 725/1000.
  3. Quote:

    I have no idea what accelero Twin Tubo is

    An aftermarket cooler.
  4. Well this sucks... I read reviews on various sites on the card and even specifically on the XFX branded card and thier overclocking results were on par with other manufacturers. I've been messasging XFX's online support but it takes them 2 weeks to respond. I had the same issue as you zip so I thought an aftermarket cooler would fix it. However the temps are barely better than my friends eVGA 9800gt with the stock cooler. Hopefully I can RMA this piece of garbage.
  5. even at 100% the temp changes by about 1-2 degrees...
  6. i resentley hade just one xfx 9800 gt witch i overclocked all the time with my card i can run crysis at max resalution of 1680*1050 at 750/1822/1062 worked perfect you might want to get a new vga cooler a customer of mine hade the same problem as u r right now i got him at tigerdirect a blue ultra performance vga cooler and it made a world of diffrence i was able to overclock his to 760/1900/1072 mind he onley hade a 15 inch monitor i would deffenitley think about gitting a new cooler im running 2 xfx 9800gt in sli and there water cooled i have mine at 755/1890/1132 amd they are great cards for a budget buy if u need n e help email me at
  7. I'm having a similar problem. I tried to turn up the memory clock and all of a sudden I started getting these funky red squiggly lines on my screen. I quickly reset the card back to it's defaults, and they went away. I have an eVGA 9800 GT Superclocked, but I read that people were getting much higher clock speeds with the stock cooler. Is it just the 9800 GT`s or what.
  8. i have a Gigabyte 9800gt 1gb and i have been able to get 800/1750/1000 with little to no work and it runs fun temps dont get above 75 (came with a zalman cooler but has no ramsinks) and i dont get any artifacts or problems in game.
  9. Well that stinks I can't get mine on the mem with out the driver crashing max out at 1025 but unstable. Even re flashed the card with higher volts. 1.05 stock now its at 1.1v. :( Wants new card now perhaps a cheap 260 or a 5870.
  10. I got both now and it sucks that they gave the 65nm cards faster mem. SLI is cool when the cpu isn't feeble when running sli 32XQ aa.
  11. I don't remember my exact OC settings, but I had an EVGA 9800GT and I routinely overclocked it using EVGA Precision.

    750/1800/1100 was around the numbers EVGA Precision was giving me (don't quote me though, I'm going off memory. I have a different card now).
    Resolution was at 1440x990.

    Stock cooling on the card too - increased fan speed to 80 in Precision.
    My case cooling was pretty damn good though, which probably helped keep temps in check.

    Under load playing COD4 or COD5, the card would never go over 65C.

    That was a good little card for me.
  12. theAnimal said:
    OCing the memory doesn't really provide much performance improvement.

    You are a dumb a$$, overclocking the v-ram makes a big difference unless you already got 60fps+. Even nuking the v-ram on my vintage geforce 256 and my 7800gs provided a fps boost.
  13. Stock cooling on most 9800gt is crap even for 2D use at max rpm. So if you suffering with high temps and little to no overclocking head room ditch the stock for any thing that is better.
  14. overclocking should be done only with a good smps and a good cooling system and a mobo which can handle temps

    i overclocked my Gpu with evga's precision

    my fan speed - 100%
    my core clock - 725
    my shader clock - 1818
    mem clock - 1000

    my temps in ideal are 48-49
    when hard core gaming - 54-60

    my specs amd phenom II 55Be
    600W smps
    4 gB ram DDr2 887

    in Gta 4(high settings i get 26Fps Avg
  15. Edit: my processor is 955Be
    i get 34Fps Avg(without Vsync)
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