Choosing between the 3...

Going to upgrade 2 Computers Video Cards.

Posted in Tv/Video section and these were the top 3 suggestions that I liked. Now I need to decide.

Both Computers have 300PSU and are just looking for a bump in FPS while playing Wow. Both are currently equipped with X300's, so according to Tom's list we would be moving up several Tiers in Cards.

Wanting to keep sub $100. Must be a 512mb with GDDR3 and PCI-E. Also not wanting to upgrade PSU.

Here are my 3 choices:
3650Pro 8600GT 2600XT

Here is a link to my original post where more specific computer info can be found:
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  1. Those cards are so close together in performance it's more a matter of what price you can get them for, what manufacturer, what cooling solutions and if they come factory overclocked. All are on the same tier of Toms graph.
  2. What manufacturer is the best? That is a big question I have. I have no clue which is better, Shaphire, HIS, MSI, etc. etc.

    Are there ones I should avoid at all costs?
  3. If you want to keep sub $100, why not just get a 8800GS. I think it's $105 after rebate and the jump from your list to this card is so astronomical it would make you cry. Depending on the quality of your 300W psu you might be ok.
  4. I think you should get 3650 but in DDR3 256MB mode!!The 512MB DDR2 is slower.2600Xt isn't a bad choice but i think that you should go on new 3650.That's my advise.
  5. Agreed. The EVGA superclcoked edition 8800 gs is 140, but has a 30 dollar mail in rebate, so with shipping maybe 120? I think the power requirements are 400-450 watt psu, but what's more important is the amps on the 12v+ rail. It's 384 mb, but would almost certainly slaughter any of the cards you listed. The other thing to keep in mind, especially if price is your concern, a lot of guys here would tell you get a 256 mb card in either of those 3 as the 512 isn't going to be useable. As I understand, the more memory, the higher the resolutions you can do. But on those lower end cards, they aren't fast enough to run a real high resolution that would actually require 512 mb of memory, they would probably choke too quickly. If you consider th 8800 gs, they've got one now that is not an overclocked card, but should still be a fast card, but they are giving you Call of Duty 4 with it, and I think it's like 130 then has a rebate on top of it.

    Check out
  6. But if you are asking between those 3 the HD3650 is your best bet. But make sure you don't get the DDR2 ver.
  7. Yeah def. getting DDR3 Version!
    Any manufacturer recommendations?

    I seen a DDR4 Versions on one for sub $100, Can't remember now...
  8. The difference between DDR3 and DDR4 is negotiable. DDR2 and DDR3 is a big of a difference. I prefer Sapphire, they are a great ATI card company and have never had any issues with their products.
  9. Thanks for the info Jay!
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