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I am about to start my first pc build and I have a few questions about Micro Center. First how easy is it to return an item to Micro Center? Are they easier to deal with than Newegg or Amazon? And also if I use my credit card to place my order, can my brother pick it up for me or do I have to go as well?

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  1. i've never had to return an item to microcenter but one advantage of a b&m store is that you do not have to pay shipping charges. buying a warranty on parts at the store also means you can in store replace parts instead of shipping them to the vendor with an rma code.

    i've never really had an issue with them but i've heard some stores arent that great with customer service. i know the one in eastern pa is good at least.

    when i worked retail at sears i know we wanted to see the credit card used in the transaction but often times we just bypassed that if they had the receipt and the same last name. call the store up and see what their policies are.


    generally speaking though i like to buy all of my hardware from newegg as everything is in one place and the prices are decent. normally i only stop down to mc for hard drives, perepherals and other supplies.

    if newegg (or an amazon dealer) doesnt have a warehouse in your state you can also save sales tax. if you get free shipping as well you can really make out.

    i've put over $8000 through newegg and havent received a dud yet. perhaps i'm lucky but so far i've seen no reason not to deal with them.
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