Which card should i buy?

I am thinking to buy a new system.CPU - Athlon 5000+BE,RAM - 2GB 800MHz OCZ,Power - 450W,MB - ASUS M57SLI-S4,19'' ASUS......Which card should i buy? :sarcastic:
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  1. for a 19"? 8800GS or 9600GT. You won't need much more than that. And with the list you are providing i take it you are going for a budget system.

    If you go 8800GS stay away from the XFX, they have a different cooler that keeps the fan at 100%,which really leaves you with the eVGA, which is a great card. The 9600GT's are plentiful, some have nice coolers. I don't think you really need a 8800GT/GTS unless you want to spend the extra cash. What did you want to spend.

    PS, what is the POWER-450W? is that the brand or who makes the PSU. just wondering.
  2. a 9800 GX2!!! lol jks for a setup like that I go with Jay2tall, 9600 GT would be ur best bet or 8800 GT (The gs's ram might bring you down for certain games, my 9800 GX2 still staggers with Quake 4 everything maxed and 8x, i see the frames dipping to 20s sometimes...but it was running on a slightly improved doom 3 engine which was really poorly optimized compared to source)

    and if you go for a psu get over 500, or 600 to play it safe for future upgrades or changes to the system.
  3. 450W power supply.Which card is better 8800GS or 9600GT?(Performance)and about how much?
  4. for me it would be th 9600 because of the extra ram and Filter capabilities, but I've seen the 8800 GS as cheap as 90-100$ on newegg. the Cheapest I've seen the 9600 GT was around 120-130.
  5. should i take a 512MB or 256Mb mode?
  6. Both are very close in performance, the GT 9600 512 is a bit better for 22 inch monitors and above, the 8800GS as good or better at 19 inch.
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130333 is $109.99 after rebate
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130334 is $139.99 after rebate (comparing EVGA to EVGA)
  7. 256MB should be enough at small resolutions, i.e. 19" monitor. Get the 512MB if you can though - it will help if you buy yourself a 22" monitor later.
  8. What do you think Nvidia 9600GT or ATI 3850?(in DDR3 mode)
  9. the 3850 is def not up for it...it was supposed to compete witht he 9600 GT and failed, so the 9600 GT is comparable to the 3870 now.
  10. I'd vote 9600GT 512MB. What is your budget.

    Again what brand 450W PSU are you looking at.
  11. Go 9600GT 512MB for 19" and additional get yourself a good PSU, say around 500W-600W. I agree with jay2tall and L1qu1d, just take precaution, if next time you wanna upgrade your system or add another hardware into your rigg. Then you dont have to upgrade your PSU as well.
  12. There's a great price for the StealthXStream 600W at newegg right now.
  13. http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Product.aspx?C=1264&ID=1506 is what i'm using - its a sleeved cable PSU with modules, so you only install the cables that you need for your system, which I like a lot. 650 watts SLI ready

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817153040&nm_mc=OTC-C173T&cm_mmc=OTC-C173T-_-Power+Supplies-_-Thermaltake-_-17153040 - newegg price

    Its at a price delta too that is pretty affordable for the quality you are getting - I highly recommend it, i'm very happy with it so far.

    video card, i'm using SLI 8800 GT's from EVGA - but a lot of people recommend 8800 GTS 512 mb for a single card solution - i'm pretty happy with my configuration; i've used a single 8800 GT in my system and found it to be an excellent performance card for the cost - on a 19" display at max settings i'm sure you'll have minimal issues with either an 8800GT 512 or an 88800 GTS 512
  14. I will see about PSU.Is 9600GT good for overclocking?I will overclock probably so i need ,,cold,, card.Is 9600GT good for it?
  15. coa said:
    I will see about PSU.Is 9600GT good for overclocking?I will overclock probably so i need ,,cold,, card.Is 9600GT good for it?

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