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I have a problem with my CPU
I have a Via p4pb 266e mainboard with 1.8ghz Intel p4 processor (and yeah... it's crap, but hey, I found it on the street and didn't have to pay for anything yet)

Anyway after sometime where it worked ok, it started buzzing this high pitched noise.. And it won't stop as long as the computer is on.
From what I've learned on the net, it's probably has something to do with the CPU.

I went to Via site to get an update for the Bios, cause that what I think will do the trick. (Somewhere I've read that I need to update the bios and choose the CPU not to go to C4, I don't have a clue what it means).
Anyway I'm stuck because I don't have a way to flash the bios.. I don't have a 1.44 disk to use and I can't find any other way to flush the bios.
I hope someone has a solution, or maybe the problem isn't the CPU?
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  1. Are you sure it's the CPU and not the CPU fan??? Fans can go out and give a high pitched whine I believe...

    As far as flashing the BIOS, have you ever done a BIOS flash? One mistake, and your system can be seriously crippled. Do you have a flash drive? You can create a bootable flash drive or something using some HP tools download off the net - not sure where atm though. Someone else can give better insight....
  2. the clock buzzes the cpu. blame the via chipset first with an intel cpu...
    the last time that happened to me was a 900 athlon on a kt7a. The clock went psycho. Cpus don't buzz, the clocks do. I swapped mobos, cpu was back to brand new.
    try another mobo if you want the antique behemoth .18 micron cpu to keep going. Some things are outdating fast, the oldest opf p4 is something I sold cheaply to move on. Great for net and backup..
    you could get a prescott setup for nearly nothing and be up to date for the next 3 to 5 non-babbling centuries at the pace things are going... :pt1cable:
  3. CPU's -never- make a sound.
  4. Ive heard of a PSU whining but not a cpu? I've never come across it
  5. No, I never flashed my bios, and read it was very dangrous. I noticed the buzzing start when the temp of the Cpu rises to 57.. when it's on 50 its quite
    can i do anything else to the clock besides changing the motherboard?
  6. Chances are, its the PSU that's making the noise. When the CPU is under a load, it will cause the PSU to draw more power, hence the temp goes up on the CPU.

    My old P4 can get to (on a load) 57-60C on a really warm day, and it doesn't make any noise.

    If your up to it, try running the system out of the case to see if that will help you determine where the noise is coming from. With parts so close together, it can be easy to be mislead where the sound is coming from.


    The MB should be on cardboard, if your running out of the case, or non-conductive surface.

    And I agree that CPU's don't make noises, although the CPU HS fan could also be having problems.
  7. ^+1
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