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I have a new Intell Q6600 and the Asus P5N-D mobo i will be installing it in. Rather than use the stock fan that came with the CPU I am getting the ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro 92mm CPU Cooler (see link ). As you will note, the fan doesn't sit on top, it is on the side. I can't find any diagrams or any instructions on which way to orient the fan or if the 4 push pins on the heatsink only go 1 way on the mobo, but looks like it can be installed in any orientation. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas if the fan should face the RAM, rear of the case, to the top of the case or to the bottom. Any help is appreciated as I don't want to hinder any airflow in the case.
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  1. Fan face front, blow air out the back toward back case exhaust fan. :p
  2. So i face the fan front and it blows air in, through the heatsink fins and out the back?
  3. Quick note, I recommend installing it prior to mounting the motherboard in your case to prevent any issues with it getting mounted insufficiently. I have this cooler myself, so i have experienced it.
  4. yeah it's a pain so take ur time and don't frustrated. use alot of force too
  5. Mount the fan so it pushes air to the back of the case, then put a higher rpm and/or bigger fan into the case pushing air outside. The low pressure induction will really create some fast flowing air.
  6. Just a side note:

    Some people will get mixed up on the airflow on a HSF.

    When you see the fan face, it's usually the intake side, so air is going to pass through it, and you should feel air coming out on the other side of the HS.

    Sometimes when I see an actual pic of their rig (when they are having temp problems) I can tell they have the airflow orientation backwards, or just wrong.

    It's not usually practical, but if people are not sure how the air travels through the HS, they should try to figure out how to plug it in a power source, without it installed on the MB. For me, I have an external power source that I use to test fans, which was for internal HD that are hooked up externally to a USB port.

    Or if they understand a PSU well enough to do the paper clip trick to test any/all fan(s) that way.
  7. as everyone said out the back. this way heat goes right out the back. Ram should not need cooling unless its overclocked to the nuts
  8. Yeah I always install the CPU, fan and RAM before ever putting it in the case. I don't like taking chances of bowing the mobo.

    LOL And I've never OC'ed before, but i may try the cpu this time, don't think I would OC the RAM though. Thank you for the help.

    Oh, and what is the paper clip trick?
  9. Turn on PSU without motherboard - the 'paperclip trick'

    This is basically what I do to test the PSU, fans/fan controller and perhaps to get an idea of airflow without anything in the PC case. :lol:


    Even since I go the USB adaptor to hook up interal HD, I use its power supply to test fans as well.
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