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I have two problems:

My DVD Burner is like, semi-broken / corrupted
If you didn't read my other thread I had a virus and it, idk, broke my Drive. I could no longer burn to it.
Software would say,"No Drive detected".
Even Windows refused to popup the command.

Just recently I did a Fresh install of Windows, and formatted the HDD
and before you say it, yes, I made a COMPLETE backup of all my drivers.

After the install, I popped in a blank DVD and Windows detected it, I was able to burn files to it.
I had a ISO needing to be burned, so I downloaded CloneCD and tried it but it say it was an error in detecting a DVD
The next button was still enabled so I just pressed it and it burned it. 0_o

Now I wanted to install my favorite programs called DVDVideoSoft
I tried using the DVD programs of it but each returned "No Drives" and exits.

Just today I installed Nero and it refuses to erase a CD even though I brought CD-RW
and some parts of it refuse to run because no R disks are in, even tho I put in a fresh, non used R disk

My second question might or might not belong here, but it does have something to do with my DVD and Writer
I have three BIN and CUE files I downloaded.
No idea what to do with them other wise knowing BIN files are binary and CUE are something to do with CUEing the BIN files idk
So, reading up on the internet, I needed to burn the files to a DVD with Nero....
So I got Nero, put in a blank DVD...tried another DVD because somehow it was already used 0_o and burned the files to a DVD
It was successful...but it simply burned the files, making it a Data DVD, and not bootable
I also tried using just the CUE files since someone said that hows it works.
I did, didn't work either.

any help with these issues please?
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  1. Why would you want to use DVDVideoSoft? Those guys have been spamming this forum since time immemorial! Besides, ever since Lifehacker came out with Turn Your PC into a DVD Ripping Monster
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