msi nx8800gt buzzing problem :(

My msi nx8800gt oc makes a loud buzzing noise(sounds electrical to me) while playing games. i've read that some people have had problems with the fan rubbing its shroud on this card, but that's not the case as i have removed the shroud and it still buzzes. the noise stops instantly when i exit the game. no graphics probelms, heat problems(riva tuner/core temp), etc.

a reviewer on newegg made a quick mention about some switch making the same type of sound. what could this be? he RMAd iirc.

PS it's memory is supposed to be running at 1900Mhz. rivatuner shows it as 950Mhz. is it running in dual channel or something? 950x2=1900Mhz

thanks in advance.
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  1. It sounds like when the speed increases due to you playing the game, the fan itself is making the buzzing, it doesnt have to hit the shroud, bearings going bad or a lose fit will do the same thing.
  2. possible but no sign of buzzing at lower speeds. at all. also, it quiting so instantaneous makes me believe that it is some sort of electrical switch. i will download speedfan and try turning the fan speed up to see if that produces any buzzing.
  3. Its like driving a car, you can hear things like rotors being warped at high speed, but under 50 you would never hear and likely never notice it. Higher rpm means it needs to be precisely straight to be quiet. Lower speed wont give you the chance of vibration to really effect it.
  4. not the fan.
  5. check for loose screws on the shrouding. also check and see if there is rattling where the card meets the case.
  6. i just searched some more through google and this seems to be somewhat common. it is some electrical component. i'll call msi tomorrow i guess
  7. that sucks, sorry bout your luck man.
  8. yeah :(
  9. Well if you want to know, MSI's RMA is absolutely amazing. My 8800GTX was RMA'd about 2 weeks ago and they are sending me back an 8800 Ultra HD OC for replacement. Should be here tuesday.

    does sound like an electrical issue.
  10. long process, huh? :(
  11. long process, huh? :(
  12. Always is, they need to receive it, test it, order a new card, and then send it back to you
  13. What power supply are you running? The cards buzz like an alarm at bootup if you don't plug the PCI-e power cable in, so could it be in games the sensor is going off because peak 12v being provided is borderline and low enough to trigger the alarm.
  14. Yea, but that sound is made by a tiny speaker and is as LOUD as hell. and there is no way you can play a game with that loud "BEEEEEEE" noise.

    That what my card did, thought it was lack of power so i bought a new PSU only for it to screech some more.
  15. I did it once with an 8800GS after swapping hardware. It is loud. :)
  16. it is a buzzing. it has gotten better but i don't like it and will be contacting msi tomorrow. some believe it is some sort of circular resistor(i've forgotten the name). but a lot of people are having this problem and it isn't just msi cards:

    as far as my PSU, it's an enermax noisetaker 485w. a couple of years old. dual rails; 18a to each for a total of 36amps; from what iv'e read, that is plenty. i ran everything i have now(q6600, 4bg ddr2 800, 2 x 7200rpm HDDs, etc) except with an 8600gts in place of the 8800gt oc with it with no problems. although i'm thinking that i will probably replace that too now anyway.
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