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I accidentally disabled video adapter on the dispaly control and when i restart my desktop suddenly the screen went into a very low resolution so i opened the display icon again and disable the adapter hoping that it would go back to its regular screen display. i restarted my computer again but blank screen has appeared. i can not retrieve now the normal screen display. the screen remains blank whenever i reboot my computer. could you please help me restore my screen? i'm using xp.
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  1. Well, that'll teach you. :non:

    Turn on your computer and press the F8 key once every second until a startup choices screen shows up.

    Use the cursor keys to move highlight to "Start Windows in Safe Mode" and then press the Enter key.

    Next it will show your Windows installation, which is the only choice you have, so press the enter key again.

    Windows will load, showing each element of Windows as it loads, so there will be a lot of junk scrolling on the screen for a minute.

    When Windows is almost loaded, there will be a choice to make, to continue to load Safe mode, or to perform a system restore. Answer the question to activate a system restore. A calendar will appear with valid dates in bold type. Choose the latest bold date possible before you messed things up and then click Ok or continue or next..... whatever it wants. The computer will be quite automatic now. Wait for the system to finish and the computer will re-start by itself. Once it's back, stay away from screen properties until you learn what happens after you click Ok.
  2. same problem here. I've been F8 ing all morning and nothing. What's next? mike rilling hotmail dot com
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