Is this a good MoBo ?

Motherboard: [...] CatId=3646

NOTE: i want to know is that is a good MOBO, cuz i always go for ASUS MOBO and i never try MSI before, but this is the only Board i'v seen that support DDR2 -DDR3, the reason i choose this one cuz i'll put 4gb od DDR2 byt hte moment and then when the DDR3 get lower price i will get 8gb of DDR3....But i want to know is this Board is Good or not?
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  1. hmmmm...

    If I'm were you then I would either wait to buy Intel Nehalem motherboard or buy the current LGA 775 Mobo and stick with DDR2 because its the Nehalem architecture that will get more performance gain from DDR3 than the current architecture. The DDR3 price will go down when the Nehalem Motherboard appears but I think that it is intended for Nehalem than for LGA 775 Motherboard because you would not get a lot of performance gain from DDR3 with the current LGA 775 architecture and plus, you would waist your money for DDR3....

    Are you sure you wanted to buy an LGA 775 Mobo and then later spend your money on DDR3 to switch with DDR2 for your LGA 775 Mobo??? :ouch:
  2. My past experience with MSI has been very pleasant...while I can't speak for the board you're asking about specifically MSI boards in general are pretty solid with lots of extra features you find on boards that are more expensive. They may not be the highest OC'ers, but you get a solid performer.

    I only switched to EVGA for my current build because MSI didn't have 790i Ultra MoBo ready.
  3. If you look for a nice and cheap x48 motherboard search for gigabyte x48 ds4. Also you should check and they have better prices.
  4. The ASUS P5E Deluxe is a great X48 Chipset. It supports DDR2 and it is just like the Rampage Formula minus the LCD Poster and the onboard buttons. and Its $219 at Newegg.
  5. Simply no it's not
    Stay away from mobos that support 2 types of memories
    It might look as benefit but actually you'll face lot of problems
    And again stay away now from DDR3
    Prices still high
    No big difference in performance over DDR2, best case 5%
    Still having lot of compatibility issues with mobos
    DDR3 will shine with Nehalem
  6. What kad said^
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