older p3 system doesnt boot up

NOOB QUESTION. i got a hold of a used p3 system from a few years back, it didn't have a hdd installed, so i threw one in and connected it and started it up.

the computer starts up and shows the message something like

1800 +

Checking NVRAM... ok

then it just shows options like boot menu f8... network boot f12... etc

then doesnt do anything, and it doesnt do anything when i press the keys on the keyboard... i know the keyboard is working but maybe the mobos bad or something

whats the prob? i tried 2 hard drives same thing, is it the mobo??
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  1. Please list more info. Try clearing the CMOS first and then try and install an OS.
  2. Uhm, you do have an OS installed? It may not know where to find an operating system.
  3. i actually don't know if there is an OS installed because i just got a bunch of old hard drives from someone and i only tried 2 of them so far. i will try clearing the cmos as youve said
  4. yep there's probably no os installed
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