CPU Fan speed too high?

Hi all!

I've bought my AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (3.0 Ghz)+Stock FAN one year ago, and im using the ASUS M2R32-MVP mboard.
I've noticed that on winter (on normal pc usage), that my CPU Fan reaches 3000-3500 rpm with 40-45ºC on my CPU.
I'm from portugal, and summer has just started with an 32ºC external temperature, witch makes my cpu fan shoot up to 6500-7000 RPMS and 45-49ºC, this on normal pc usage (just some websites and msn on, nothing more).
So is this cpu fan speed normal?? Because it really makes alot of noise!!
I have 3 120mm fans on the case, + 1 80mm fan. Ive already changed the thermal paste 2 times (arctic 5 silver...), and the results are the same...

Anyone have an ideia? Could it be my stock cpu fan now working properly? Maybe the mobo (some temp sensor not funcioning well maybe...)?

Thanks in advance , and wish anyone can help me, because i start to get worried...
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  1. If the fan is still working and seems to ramp up in warmer temps, I would say it's working fine. You really want to worry when it stops spinning altogether or doesn't seem to speed up with increased temps.
  2. Is this the stock cooler? That CPU can run a little warm.
    You may want to invest in a better aftermarket cooler if you don't like the noise from the one you have, since you live where it gets pretty warm.
  3. If those fan speeds are correct, they are too high. I wonder if the fan is getting too much voltage, which is causing it to run so fast. You might try to slow them down in the BIOS, or perhaps use Speedfan to slow the fan down. For a point of comparison, the CPU fan speed on my computer is about 1400 RPM. This is closer to what fan speed should be.
  4. I had similar issues with fan speeds going to high. I would open up your side panel to check if your fan is only 3 pin in which it will only run at max unless you have a fan controller. I know its annoying so I would look for a PWM fan as I did.
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