Help Ocing 920 *TRUE HSF*

i just installed my new true w/ my 920 setup:

asus p6t Deluxe
i7 920 @ stock
g.skill 1600 triple channel 6 gig
corsair 750 PSU
sapphire 4870x2

what settings do i need 2 change to aquire 3.6. i had it stable @ 3.6 w/ voltage @ 1.3 and fsb @ 170 but i couldnt get my ram timings @ 1600. it was either 17** or 14**. and when it tried @ 17** OC falure. can some1 link me all their settings for the asus p6t 2 have the correct timings/voltages and the correct ram speed. thanks! (new to OCing)
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  1. If you want, you can ship your computer to me and i'll figure it out for you.

    I won't keep it for more than a year or two, promise! :) :) :) :) :) :)
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