im mike im asking for some problem about my laptop, i dont know how to diagnose it pls help tnx..

Audio problems on my acer aspire one series
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  1. More detail here will help. Is this issue coming up with a new system fresh out of the box? Did it work fine before you did something? Did you re-install Windows on it? What audio problems is this? No sound at all, no movie sound, no sound with external speakers?
  2. I'm going to assume that you're not getting any sound at all.

    First, check the volume icon by your clock. Make sure it's not muted, or turned down too low.

    Then, check the control panel-->sounds and audio devices-->audio tab-->make sure you have a sound playback device selected. If you can't, you need to reinstall the audio driver. You can go to the laptop manufacturer's website, search for your model, pick your operating system, download the audio driver, and then install it.

    If those don't solve the issue, let us know and we can go from there.
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