SpeedFan CPU Fan running at 100%, problem help!

My rig:

AMD X2 5600
Palit 8800GT
4GB Kingston VR 667
Chieftec 550W

And the rest....

I installed SpeedFan, and it totally messed up my CPU Fan. Even thou i uninstalled SpeedFan, and restarted PC, Fan still runs 100%, and it's not only Windows related, but when PC boots up.

Before installation of SpeedFan. in BIOS I had Q-Fan and Cool and Quiet feature disabled, and it worked OK. Now I have to enable Q-Fan for CPU fan to work normally.

So what SpeedFan messed up, nad how can I fix it?

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  1. Anyone?
  2. Come on guys, really need help.
    This is becoming annoying.
    I had to enable Q-fan to work properly, but whenever i play games, fan goes wild and noisy.
  3. beats me but system restore to when you didn't install speed fan
  4. It's not the problem with XP, it's noisy all the way. From the time I power up PC, to the time i shut it down. It has nothing to do with XP.
  5. Open Speed Fan. Go to Configure. Click on the advanced tab. under the chip drop down, click on which ever chip shows a tag of PWM # Mode. Where # is the number of the controller port.

    When you select that field, there's a drop down near the bottom of the window where you can change how the power for that fan is controlled. This is labeled with "Set To".

    Once you get those configured properly, you should be set.
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