Re-establishing RAID1 after BIOS change?

- PC Chips A15G mother board
- 2x Western Digital WD10EADS 1TB hard drives set up as a RAID 1
- Windows XP w/Service Pack 3
(I can provide more system information if it will help)

I just upgraded my home-built desktop from a single 80G IDE hard drive to a RAID 1 with dual 1TB SATA drives with a fresh install of XP using the F6 option and installing the required RAID drivers. The system was running wonderfully but it would not power down after shutting XP down. Searching the web this morning to find a possible solution I found a suggestion to go into the BIOS interface and restore default settings. I did this, but upon reboot I noticed that my RAID status screen didn't appear before the XP loaded, the New Hardware Wizard recognized and installed my second hard drive, and now when I look at My Computer I see two seemingly identical hard drives which I can fully access. I rebooted, went back in to the BIOS interface and re-enabled the RAID. Now I see the RAID status screen during the POST but the operating system will not load; it just loops through the POST and the BIOS status. I'm glad to see solid evidence that I had the RAID working properly... for the most part anyways.

Is there a way to reestablish the RAID after the operating system has seen that second hard drive as its own piece of hardware? Or am I resigned with reinstalling XP and going through that process again? I did the upgrade last weekend so apart from the time involved backing up a few things, I could start from scratch with a fresh XP install. This is my first RAID setup and part of my reason for doing it is the learning process.

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  1. At the very least, you could try repairing your Windows installation. This will give you an oppurtunity to redo everything while reinstalling your RAID drivers, without formatting everything.
  2. r_manic, thanks for the suggestion. Since the install was a week old and I didn't reinstall all my old data yet I went ahead and started from step one with a reinstall. I'm now back to where I was before I messed with my BIOS yesterday; XP shuts down but the PC doesn't power down. That is a topic for one of the other forums here.

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