E6750 + MSI p45 Platinum - OVERCLOCK

Hi, im from Argentina. I would like to ask you about what are the correct values for ICH VOLTAGE . VTT FSB VOLTAGE, MCH VOLTAGE in a mobo MSI p4 Platinum.

I have stable overclock with this hard:

C2D 6750 + Scythe Ninja Plus rev. 2
- Msi p45 Platinum -
Msi Geforce 8800gts (g92) -
VTB Master Black -
4gb SuperTalent 850mhz -
Satelite 600w -
Samsung 320gb SATA 2

at this rates:
425 fsb x 8 = 3400 mhz Vcore 1.330v
ratio 1:1
Memos 850 mhz 5-5-5-15 Dram voltage 2.1v
everithing else on auto.

When i try tu rise up the fsb more than 425, i got unstable oc with every vcore.. So i would like to know about ICH, VTT FSB and MCH voltages. Thank you.
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  1. i just got this board myselfe with Cooler Master HAF hope gona get pass 3.6 point with my Q6600 on this amazing board gona report all i will find
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