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Hi, folks, this is going to be my new computer. I need to build a storage server here and store plenty of data, but I have not decided (I am a newbie at this) which computer case/full tower and power supply are the best for me.

I also need to know if will be necessary to buy a new FAN or dedicated cooler for something. My old P4 uses a Leardership Gamer II Blueye, but only 2 Hard Drives and a single DVD+RW recorder.

The new computer will have:

- Q9450 CPU Retail/Box with heatsink/FAN;

- Motherboard Abit IP35 Pro;

- 2 x1 GB RAM Corsair DDR-2 800 Mhz latency 4-4-4-1-2;

- Blackmagic Intensity Pro (capture card) - already have;
- 8800 GTS 512 MB (G92 - EVGA) video card;

- PROMISE SATA300 TX4 PCI SATA II Controller Card - OEM - up to 4 HDDs SATA II:

And finally:

- 10 Hard Disk-Drives Samsung 750 GB HD753LJ

The Abit motherboard can have 6 SATA drives plus 4 on the Promise controller. Since the Promise controller uses a PCI-slot, 18 HDDs can be used.

I don't know what's the best computer case for me, capable of storing at least 10 HDDs. Perhaps one with 10 Internal 3.5 bays? Where should I put aditional drives? All cases are the same thing?

And the power supply to mantain all I said before. :D
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  1. Lian Li PC P80 Armorsuit, comes equipped to hold 6 with the inside drive bays that are included but you can go up to 12 with the external bays.
  2. No external bays... don't you think it's better to have all SATA drives inside the case and protected? I have found some cases with 10 internal 3.5 bays on NewEgg, but I don't think this is enough if you are planning to store + than 10 drives.

    3 SATA controllers can support 12 SATA drives, plus 6 drives from the ABIT motherboard. Hard Drives are too small these days and it's too dangerous if you are buying the wrong case, you will not have enough space to store all of them.

    And I didn't even mention the power supply that can support all that.
  3. Your case?

    LIAN LI ARMORSUIT PC-P60 Black Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case - Retail

    Here's what I found, one that is capable of storing ten 3.5 drives:

    LIAN LI PC-A70A Silver Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case - Retail

    12 internal drives?
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